A look at 42 women in tech who crushed it in 2017

What a challenging, exhilarating year it has been for women everywhere, starting from the women’s March on Washington to former Uber engineer Susan Fowler’s eye-opening and now famous blog post to

Crunch Report | RIP Windows Phone

Rest in peace, Windows phone, GV invests $20 million into GitLab and Cruise buys Strobe. All this on Crunch Report!

Cruise acquires Strobe to help dramatically reduce LiDAR costs

Cruise, the self-driving car startup GM acquired last year, has acquired a startup of its own – Strobe, a LiDAR sensor maker that reduces an entire LiDAR array down to just one chip, which Cruise sa

Facebook Acquires Team Behind HTML5 App Platform Strobe; SproutCore Lives On

<a href="">Facebook</a> has apparently completed yet another small acquisition, <a href="">snapping up</a> HTML5 app distribution

Strobe Launches Game-Changing HTML5 App Platform

Today, <a href="">Strobe Inc.</a> is launching a new platform that helps developers build HTML5-based Web applications for desktops, smartphones and tablets, and centrally ma

Strobe Gets $2.5 Million To Make The Mobile Web Dance With Apple-Like JavaScript And HTML5 Moves

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