Sports stars, franchises and Hollywood agencies are betting $38 million on an esports revolution

What started with an esports team is now quickly becoming an esports empire, backed by some of the biggest names in sports and money managers for entertainment family dynasties and Hollywood power bro

EA Sports MMA: ‘Dead On Arrival’ At Retail

<img src="" /><a HREF="">EA Sports MMA</a> went on sale last week. The first week's sales? <a

Fedor's Strikeforce fight tonight has Internet pay-per-view choose-your-own-camera-angle feature

<img src="" />Strikeforce, the mixed martial arts promotion that's the focus of the upcoming <a HREF="

Conspiracy theory: Is EA setting up EA Sports MMA to flop in order to secure the UFC license later on?

<img src="" />Here's a conspiracy theory for you (someone call Jesse Ventura): is <a HREF="

Don't forget to see Fedor knock out Rogers, both of EA Sports MMA, tonight

<img src="" />Consider this a friendly reminder. Tonight at 9pm ET on CBS (in the U.S.; I'm sure there will be plenty of streams, though

Strikeforce will be the ‘premier’ MMA league in EA Sports MMA

<img src="" />Strikeforce (UFC's closest competitor here in the U.S.) promotes one of the bigger fights of the year tomorrow in Fedor vs.