Lina Zakarauskaite is elevated from principal to partner at London’s Stride VC

London-based VC Stride has appointed Lina Zakarauskaite, formerly a principal at the firm, as its newest partner. The move follows the departure of partner Cleo Sham a month ago to pursue new ventures

Pandemic-driven boom in e-commerce helps Huboo’s warehousing platform close $81M

Many e-commerce businesses run their entire order fulfillment process in-house because outsourcing it can be expensive. But the COVID-19 pandemic has supercharged many small and medium-sized businesse

Slack forms key alliance as Atlassian throws in the towel on enterprise chat

With today’s announcement from Atlassian that it was selling to Slack the IP assets of its two enterprise communications tools, HipChat and Stride, it closes the book on one of the earliest comp

Slack wants to make search a little easier with search filters

Slack’s search functions are getting another little quality-of-life update today with the introduction of filters, which aims to make search a little more granular to find the right answers. The

Stride, Atlassian’s Slack competitor, hits general availability

Last September, Atlassian launched Stride, its take on a Slack-like real-time communications platform for text, audio and video chats, into beta. Six months later, Stride is now generally available to

Stride, Atlassian's Slack competitor, opens its API to all developers

The arrival of Stride, Atlassian's Slack competitor, was probably the company's biggest launch of 2017. While the company generally allows developers to easily integrate with its products, Stride's AP

Stride, A Bootstrapped CRM Service, Acquired By The Founders of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg

<a target="_blank" href="">Stride</a>, a bootstrapped CRM company out of Seattle, has been sold to <a target="_blank" href="">Neil Patel

Stride offers Steve Wiebe 40,004 quarters and gum to reclaim Donkey Kong world record at E3

<img src="" alt="" />Steve Wiebe’s attempt to overthrow Billy Mitchell as the Donkey Kong world record holder has been w

Uwe Boll doesn't very much like Stride gum's schemeing against him

How could you hate him? That Uwe Boll doesn’t like being in the news, he loves it! This time, Popular Mechanics caught up with the outspoken director, and got his take on Stride gum’s crus