• Shine boosts teenage confidence via SMS and Facebook bot

    Shine boosts teenage confidence via SMS and Facebook bot

    Being a teenager is a rough ride at the best of times, and even the most confident of youngsters could do with a bit of a confidence bump. This is the market Shine has in its crosshairs, with an SMS and a brand new Facebook messenger bot aiming to help teens keep a sense of perspective. Read More

  • How To Unplug For New Year’s Weekend Crunch Network

    How To Unplug For New Year’s Weekend

    New Year’s is a time where we turn off work for a little while. We meet friends and family, reflect on the prior year, and begin to imagine possibilities for the coming year. For many of us involved with startups, however, taking time to unplug can be difficult. Unplugging is challenging because startups are often very busy. Read More

  • The Startup, The Burnout Crunch Network

    The Startup, The Burnout

    Burnout is as real as it gets. Burnout is a period of life when your thinking has become relentlessly intrusive, and quieting such thinking only makes it worse, similar to that of anxiety, depression and chronic stress. Burnout happens when the separation between your thinking and work has evaporated and your reasoning leads you to the path of trying to work your way to a solution, only… Read More

  • A New App Called Offtime Helps You Unplug Without Missing Out

    A New App Called Offtime Helps You Unplug Without Missing Out

    Apparently, navel-gazing about how much time you’re spending on your phone is a thing now. We’ve already seen iOS apps like Moment and Check appear to shame you into self-restraint by alerting you to how many minutes you spend staring at your little screen every day, or how many times per day you pull out your phone and take a look. Now, it’s Android’s turn. A new… Read More

  • Meditation Resource Calm Raises Another $500K+ For An App That Helps You Focus, De-stress And Sleep

    Meditation Resource Calm Raises Another $500K+ For An App That Helps You Focus, De-stress And Sleep, a company that began as an online relaxation resource that gives information-overloaded computer users a healthy mental break in their days before making the move to mobile early last year, has now raised an additional $578,000 in a new round of funding. The raise, which includes investment from Jason Calacanis’s Launch fund and AngelList syndicate, Matt Mullenweg, and Matt… Read More

  • PIP Is A Bluetooth Biosensor That Aims To Use Your Phone To Gamify Beating Stress

    PIP Is A Bluetooth Biosensor That Aims To Use Your Phone To Gamify Beating Stress

    Irish startup Galvanic has just launched a Kickstarter to crowdsource funding a wireless stress biosensor it’s calling PIP. PIP is a Bluetooth biosensor that monitors its user’s stress levels by measuring their galvanic skin response (GSR) as they hold the PIP pinched between thumb and forefinger. GSR means skin conductance — so basically how sweaty you’re getting. Read More

  • Cálmate: Put Down Your Smartphone To Feel Better

    Cálmate: Put Down Your Smartphone To Feel Better

    A study by the British Psychological Society found a link between stress levels and the number of times a person picks up their smartphone to check messages and mails. As an addict, I can completely agree with this finding. In short, the more you do it, the worse you feel. Oddly, the study found that less stress was induced when checking work e-mail rather than other online interactions. The… Read More

  • Ford and MIT studying driver stress levels

    Your next Ford might have flowers, pastel colors, or calming scents coming from the interior. All of this will be aimed at reducing stress, and allow the driver to better connect with their vehicle. Read More

  • Stress ball gets the USB treatment

    If there’s anything missing from the standard stress ball, it’s a USB connection and a weird phallic shape. Luckily, Brando has us all covered with the $30 USB Stress Ball that, along with the obligatory squeezing motion, adds pulling, squashing, and twisting to the mix. Read More

  • Strange music CD induces (not relieves) stress to help you relax

    You may remember the weird “Just looking” Dvd from Japan, which was supposed to make shy men more confident by looking at different girls who did nothing but stare into the camera for 60 seconds. Now, Avex, not only one of Japan’s biggest entertainment companies but also the geniuses responsible for said DVD, have come up with a similar, psychologically deep, concept. This… Read More

  • Pilots of remote-controlled Predators suffering PTSD Interesting article over on about how some Predator pilots are beginning to show signs of psychological stress even though they’re not technically fighting on a battlefield. The pilots spend most of their time in air-conditioned trailers in front of an array of monitors, piloting the remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)… Read More

  • Mario Enters Anger Management

    As a child, nothing frustrated me more than trying to find the negative worlds in the original Super Mario Brothers game for the NES. I just couldn’t get the technique with the blocks and the ducking and the jumping right. Sigh … all those sleepless nights. However, If I had these Mario-themed foam stress relievers, perhaps I would have turned out more well-adjusted. Available for… Read More

  • Stress-o-Meter

    I’m not really sure why anyone would need this product. It seems to me that people would be well enough aware that they’re stressed out. Nevertheless, if you feel that the quantity of your stress is in question, then perhaps you should take a look at the Stress-o-Meter. Simply place your fingers in the grooves and the meter lights up to inform you just how stressed you actually are. Read More