Street View

Google Adds 1,000 New Locations From Asia, Europe, Latin America, the U.S. and Canada To Street View

Google today launched a large update to Google Maps that adds more than 1,000 new locations from around the world to the service’s Street View feature. These include numerous locations that can&

Google Takes Street View Trekker And Underwater Cameras To The Galapagos Islands, Coming To Google Maps Later This Year

Google today announced that it has been taking its Street View Trekker - the compact backpack version of its Street View cars - and its underwater Street View cameras to the Galapagos Islands and that

Google’s Street View Trekker Backpack Co-Creator Talks Unmanned Hikes, Pack Animal Street View

Google impressed a lot of people when it debuted its Grand Canyon Street View imagery in October. The Trekker backpack used to capture that imagery, which is essentially a backpack-mounted version of

How Google Took Street View For A Dive

Google's underwater Street View launched last September, but Google's Ocean program actually started six years ago when one of the founders of Keyhole (which, after being acquired by Google, later bec

Apple Patents A Convertible MacBook Design, And Street View Navigation That Can Go Inside Buildings

A couple of new Apple patent applications published today show how the company might be thinking about competing with recent innovations from other big tech companies with similar, but different desig

Google Hands Street View Trekker Over To A Local To Get Imagery Of Canada’s Arctic Territory

We know that Google’s Street View team has been making its technology smaller and more mobile, especially when it comes to people snapping images for Google Maps. Today, the team has shared some

Google Maps Gets More Exploratory With Street View Access To Everest, Kilimanjaro, Mount Elbrus And More

Google has been doing a lot to make Google Maps more about exploring the world, including places few will ever be able to see with their own eyes. Today, the company announced that it has added more l

Inside Google Street View: From Larry Page’s Car To The Depths Of The Grand Canyon

“Teleportation is the transfer of matter from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them, similar to the concept apport, an earlier word used in the context of spiri

Google’s Street View Goes Inside Its First NFL Venue, Maps Colts Stadium

The football season may be over, but with 202 days to go before the next NFL game kicks off again, Google today announced that it has brought its Street View cameras into the Indianapolis Colts' Lucas

Google Maps With Street View Is Now Available For The Wii U

Nintendo just announced that Google Maps with Street View is now available for Wii U systems in North America. So you now have the ability to wander around Martha's Vineyard if you don't have access t

Google’s Plans For Trekker Come To Fruition With 9,500 Grand Canyon Panoramas Added To Google Maps

When Google announced a new project it called Trekker last October, it sounded like a far-reaching and futuristic 20% type undertaking. Today, that project has come through with some of the most detai

Google Loves This Third Party Instant Street View Search App, Will They Buy It?

When I <a href="">spoke with one of the leads on Google search</a> a while back, he

Social Travel Site Gogobot Adds Realtime Hotel Pricing, OpenTable Integration & 360-Degree Looks Via Street View

While the online (and social) travel space has been contracting a bit <a href="">after last year's barrage of new entrants</a>, one of the few youn

Google Takes Its Backpack-Sized Trekker Street View Cameras To The Grand Canyon

Google just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that it is taking the <a target="_blank" href="http://www.yout

Google Gives Street View A 250K-Mile Update Across 17+ Countries, Its Biggest Update Ever; Maps API Now Features Time Zones

<a target="_blank" href="">Google</a> is continuing to gain points on the mapping front, today launching yet more features for the product at a time when Apple's offering continue

Google’s iOS Web App For iPhone and iPad Now Features Street View

<a target="_blank" href="">Google</a> has yet to publish a native Google Maps app for Apple's iOS devices (although we hear it's coming <a href="

Google Maps Navigation And Live Traffic Data Come To India

Google <a target="_blank" href="">announced </a>a couple of updates to Google Maps today. The Google Maps Navigation

Google Releases Full Report On Street View Investigation, Finds That Staff Knew About Wi-Fi Sniffing

Earlier today Google released the <a href="">full report</a> of the FCC's investigation into the collection of  "payload data" from open Wi-Fi networks -- aka

Google Now Using ReCAPTCHA To Decode Street View Addresses

Have you started seeing images in online <a href="">reCAPTCHAs</a> that look suspiciously like house numbers pulled from Google Street View? Well, as it turns out, that

Google’s Amazon Rainforest Street View Is Ready For You To Explore

<a href="">Back in August</a>, Google announced that it was teaming up with nonprofit <a href="http://fas-a
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