Street Fighter 4

  • Special edition Street Fighter IV arcade sticks at San Diego Comic Con

    To celebrate the awesomeness that is the San Diego Comic Con, which makes the New York Comic Con look like single-A baseball, Mad Catz will be handing out special edition Street Fighter IV arcade sticks to attendees. Well, “handing out,” for a price. It’s$179.99, so it’s not like you’re getting a Comic Con discount. Read More

  • There won't be a Street Fighter IV arcade release in the U.S.

    Even though you can find imported stand-up arcade units of Street Fighter IV in the big cities, Capcom will not officially releasing it here. You all know why: arcades in the U.S. have been dead for several years—when was the last time you or someone you know said “let’s go to the arcade”?—so it’s not worth Capcom’s time to release it here. That… Read More

  • New Street Fighter character 'El Fuerte' spotted

    I’ll be honest; the last time I played Street Fighter was on the SNES, so I’m admittedly out of touch with what’s what as far as world warriors go. That being said, a new Street Fighter IV character’s been spotted in Famitsu magazine. His name is El Fuerte, which is Spanish for “The Fuerte,” if memory serves. Breaking: New Street Fighter IV Character Leaked! Read More