• Lights Go Out For Streamy, Founders Flock To Facebook And Zynga

    Alas, personalized news streaming service / social network aggregator Streamy hasn’t been able to find a buyer willing to pay what the two founders were hoping to get for the assets, so the startup is shutting its awesome Web app down – for now. In a short notice posted online, Streamy says it plans to “hold” the service and “reinvent it when the time is right”. Read More

  • Oh, Snap! Streamy Runs Out Of Steam, Looking For A Buyer

    If I were to pen my own list of products I love and use every day, Streamy would be somewhere up top. I only started using it 8 months ago when the Web-based personalized news network / social network aggregator added more communication features like instant messaging, and it instantly became my new start page. Sadly, the team behind the application secured only a modest round of angel funding… Read More

  • Tech Investor News Delivers Exactly What You Assume It Would

    As a writer covering the tech industry, there are a couple of websites and services that I would classify as downright essential for my job, including some VoIP/IM communication tools and my e-mail application of choice (Gmail). Apart from those, I consider an RSS reader to be such a vital tool for me as well, both on a private as a professional level. Add to that Techmeme, which has an… Read More

  • Are Social Network Aggregators The New Cheese?

    Here’s a question that’s been running through my head ever since Michael posted about FriendFeed being in danger of becoming the coolest app no one uses: exactly how many startups out there are trying to be the one social networking service aggregator to rule them all, and how many is enough? It seems like every day startups come up with new applications, be it for desktop, Web… Read More

  • Streamy Gets More Social, Instantly Becomes My New Start Page

    Streamy is downright awesome. When our own Leena Rao wrote a review following their launch two months ago, she nailed it when she wrote it was essentially a ‘personalized news service and social network that combines elements of Google Reader with FriendFeed’. That’s exactly what it is, and it just became even more than that. I’ve been looking for this type of service for… Read More

  • Streamy Launches FriendFeed-like Community RSS Feed and Social Network

    Streamy, a real-time news reading and sharing site and social activity aggregator, has launched the public beta of its platform. We wrote about Streamy at the launch of the site’s private beta in 2007. As we wrote back then, Streamy is a personalized news service and social network that combines elements of Google Reader with FriendFeed. Like Google Reader and FriendFeed, Streamy lets… Read More

  • Streamy First Look: This Has Nothing To Do With Digg

    Streamy, which we wrote about last week, is sending out early beta invitations and I had a chance to be one of the first people to poke around on the site. The video we included in that post still shows a very current user interface, and the feel of the product is very close to what is shown there. Or click on the image to the right for a very large screen shot of the home page. Streamy… Read More

  • Streamy, A New Digg, IM, Netvibes, Customized News Thingy

    There isn’t much out there about new startup Streamyyet, other than the screencast above, a TechCrunch Forums post and writeups from a couple of blogs. It’s a social news site, with customized pages for each user and the ability to add friends and share links/stories. It is well designed, has lots of intelligent features, and is almost sure to drop into obscurity immediately… Read More