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Audit of NHS Trust’s app project with DeepMind raises more questions than it answers

A third party audit of a controversial patient data-sharing arrangement between a London NHS Trust and Google DeepMind appears to have skirted over the core issues that generated the controversy in th

DeepMind NHS health data deal had ‘no lawful basis’

DeepMind's inaugural data-sharing deal with the UK's National Health Service looks to be coming firmly unstuck.

DeepMind says no quick fix for verifying health data access

Why should you trust an advertising giant with the most sensitive personal data you possess: aka your medical records? That's the hugely sticky issue Google-owned DeepMind is facing as it seeks to emb

DeepMind Health inks new deal with UK’s NHS to deploy Streams app in early 2017

DeepMind Health, the division of the Google-owned AI company that's focused on building links to healthcare providers to drive the application of machine learning algorithms for preventative medicine,

DeepMind NHS health data-sharing deal faces further scrutiny

A controversial data-sharing agreement between Google-owned AI company DeepMind and the UK's National Health Service (NHS) has caught the eye of the National Data Guardian -- the government appointee

UK healthcare products regulator in talks with Google/DeepMind over its Streams app

An app being made by DeepMind, the Google-owned AI company, working in collaboration with the NHS Royal Free Trust in London and being used to help identify hospital patients who might be at risk of a