Stream raises $38M as its chat and activity feed APIs power communications for 1B users

A lot of our communication these days with each other is digital, and today one of the companies enabling that — with APIs to build chat experiences into apps — is announcing a round of fu

Stream, whose APIs help product teams build chat and activity feeds fast, just raised a $15 million Series A round

Earlier this year, the founders of Stream,  a five-year-old, 60-person startup with offices in Boulder and Amsterdam, weren’t feeling so great about their prospects. As COVID-19 began its sprea

Google+ Gets A Refresh For Android To Mirror Its 41 Update Extravaganza From I/O, Adds New Location Section

Today, Google <a target="_blank" href="">updated its Google+ app for Android</a> to get up to speed with all of the changes ann

Google+ Redesigns Its Stream To Include Multi-Column Google Now-Esque Cards, Auto-Hashtags And More

Google+, the social layer that Google introduced almost two years ago, has evolved quite a bit since its launch. Today, the company announced a complete redesign, taking cues from the mobile experienc

You Can Now View Things In Google+ Shared From Google Drive, Without Leaving The Stream

Well here's a bit of a game changer for Google's social layer, Google+. The Google Drive team has announced that starting today you can now share things like documents with your circles and stream on

ESPN Goes Realtime, Turns Its Content Firehose Into A Streaming Reader

Oh, it's on. Over the last year or so, ESPN has been experimenting with better ways to present and distribute its content on the Web and on mobile. Essentially, they realized (or at least I hope they

Flimmit relaunches as extensive film search engine

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Don't forget Steam's indie games are on sale too

Steam has been running a huge sale the last few days, (Bioshock for $5, oh yes) but a Reddit user is urging gamers to look past the six headline titles and to indie games. He’s right. There are