• Startup spending guide: When freebies will do Crunch Network

    Startup spending guide: When freebies will do

    This is the second installment in the Startup Spending Guide series, where we are exploring how early-stage startups should spend their non-payroll money. In the first installment we enumerated areas where early-stage startups need to spend money. In this installment we’re going to cover areas where free tools are not only available, but preferred. In the final installment we’ll… Read More

  • Streak Looks To Build A Development Kit For The Gmail Platform

    Streak Looks To Build A Development Kit For The Gmail Platform

    Gmail has hundreds of millions of users checking it multiple times every day. And if Aleem Mawani has his way, it’ll have a development platform that’s as big as Facebook. Mawani heads up Streak, a company that builds a software development kit for applications that integrate with Gmail. Streak’s InboxSDK integrates with extensions in Chrome and automatically updates… Read More

  • Streak’s New iPhone App Is A CRM Service With Gmail Baked In

    Streak’s New iPhone App Is A CRM Service With Gmail Baked In

    Streak has embedded Gmail into its new iOS app in a novel way to create a service that is turning the 600-million-user platform into a powerful CRM environment. Gmail is a native app on iOS and has its own “sandbox,” the term to describe how apps are managed individually, essentially in secure, virtual containers. But Gmail does make calls to a server. And it’s in that… Read More

  • Streak Raises $1.9 Million For Gmail-Based CRM App

    Streak Raises $1.9 Million For Gmail-Based CRM App

    Streak has raised $1.9 million for its CRM service to share your email and track deals through your GMail inbox. Battery Ventures, Chris Sacca, g Lowercase Capital, Redpoint, Floodgate, Crunchfund, and a host of VC partners and angel investors such as David Tisch and Michael Birch. Streak will use the funding to expand its team and focus on building out its mobile efforts. Read More

  • DELL STREAK PRO 101DL (An Android PHONE) With Super AMOLED Display To Hit Japan 2012

    DELL STREAK PRO 101DL (An Android PHONE) With Super AMOLED Display To Hit Japan 2012

    And here’s the third phone from Japanese carrier SoftBank‘s fall/winter line-up that deserves a dedicated article: it’s the so-called DELL STREAK PRO 101DL [JP], which the company will start offering to its subscribers in January 2012 (price tbd). And this isn’t an Android tablet but a phone. And judging by the specs, it’s going to be quite a nice one. Read More

  • Dell Will Add A 10-Inch Streak To Its Android Line-Up

    Dell Will Add A 10-Inch Streak To Its Android Line-Up

    The Dell Streak 10, whose cousins we reviewed here and here, is a 10-inch Honeycomb tablet that Dell is releasing in China this week. However, the interesting thing about this image is that the Dell Streak 10 and the Dell Streak 7 are both running Honeycomb, a welcome relief for those saddled with the Streak’s outdated OS. Read More

  • Dell's 10-Inch Streak Pro Gets A Few Details

    Hold onto your seats everybody. The Dell Streak’s big brother, the Streak Pro (it just doesn’t sound good, does it) has gotten a few extremely predictable specs. Are you ready to be underwhelmed?! Read More

  • Dell Streak Tries Out Android 3.0 Honeycomb

    The Dell Streak was once rather long in the tooth when it seemed to have Android 1.6 forever. While the Streak is made up of some pretty good pieces, it tried to cover too much ground as both a phone and a tablet (5-inches is above the cutoff). Sadly, even with a decent price, the Streak never really made much sense, but that didn’t stop some from trying to take it to the next level. Read More

  • White Dell Streak now available exclusively from Best Buy

    If you like white as much as you like large phones, then you’ll be chuffed to know that Best Buy now (exclusively) have the Dell Streak available in white. Well, kind of… It’s not all white: it’s white-backed, giving it a two-tone look reminiscent of 1920s gangster footwear. Read More

  • Dell Streak's wonky new "Stage" widgets caught on video

    According to word on Rumor Street, Dell’s building a fairly deep HTC Sense-esque UI overhaul called “Stage” for some of their upcoming Android handsets. For their Streak tablet, however, it looks like they’re keeping things a bit.. simpler. The gal who runs Streak Smart got her mits on an early, slightly-hacked build of Froyo for the Streak, complete with Stage additions. Read More

  • Dell Planning Another 7-inch Tablet, 10-incher Coming Soon

    I love me some Dell Streak. It is, in short, one of the best slates I’ve seen since the iPad (I haven’t seen the SamGalTab yet, but Greg liked it). Well, Dell is at it again with another 7-incher in the next few weeks and a 10-inch model in the next few months. Read More

  • Dell Quietly Announces 7" Android Tablet (Update: Video)

    I wouldn’t even say they announced it. Apparently Michael Dell just casually mentioned it at Oracle-related conference. Of course, we already knew there would be larger versions of the streak. What I don’t understand is why they released the tiny version first, and not a larger version with wider appeal? Read More

  • Dell Aero Shipping On AT&T

    When your main advertising point is that the Aero is “one of the lightest Android smartphones,” you might have a problem but here it is: the Dell Aero on AT&T, finally shipping for $299.99 ($100 with contract). If you’ll recall, the Aero is a smaller Dell Streak with a fairly unique UI focused on social media and usability. We’ve been excited about this for quite… Read More

  • The Dell Streak Gets Its Obligatory Teardown

    If you’ve ever wanted to know what was inside of a Dell Streak, have we got a web page for you. Our buddies at iFixIt ripped up the Dell Streak, revealing its sweet, sweet circuit boards and tiny camera. One interesting point: the LCD is bonded to the front glass which means you can’t replace just the LCD assembly. Weird. Read More

  • Review: Dell Streak

    Short Version
    If Charlie the Unicorn has taught us anything it’s that the road to success is fraught with setbacks and, if you’re not careful, your best friends will cut out your kidneys. It is with these life-lessons in mind that we examine the Dell Streak, a 5-inch Android 1.6 tablet that shows much promise but is hobbled by Android OS fracturing. Read More

  • Dell kicks off Streak pre-sale program for the US market

    Been itching for the 5-inch Dell Streak Android tablet/cell phone/slate thing? Me too, which makes me happy to pass along the word that the Streak’s pre-sale page is now up. No, you can’t order it yet, but you can put in your contact info to receive notification the second Dell’s ready to take your money. Signing up will also get your shipping upgraded to 2nd Business Day… Read More

  • The iPad Alternatives — The 'Where Are They Now' Edition

    The iPad is the king of tablets and might hold that title for years to come. However, there are a ton of alternatives that we’ve featured over the last few months, mostly in these two posts (1 & 2) detailing the top 14. But since I ran those posts, a lot has changed and while some managed to make it to the market, others were delayed or scrapped entirely. It’s sad, really. Read More

  • Confirmed: Dell Streak coming to O2 in the UK

    You’ve been waiting for it! It’s the Dell Streak and it’s coming to a Carphone Warehouse near you! Wait, what? The Streak, Dell’s 5-inch Android tablet, will arrive in June with O2, price to be announced. The device will come with 3G connectivity and should be subsidized by the carrier. Want the Streak in the US? It won’t arrive until “later this… Read More

  • Dell's Streak micro-tablet to hit Europe in June, US "later this summer"

    I’m not sure who among you is really pumped about a 5-inch tablet when we’ve got phones approaching that size, but hey, diff’rent tablets for diff’rent… users, right? It looked okay when we saw it a while back, but who will buy the 5-incher knowing there are 7- and 10-inch variants on the way? I guess maybe if you want one for each pocket. Read More