• For iPhone 4: Japanese Beetle Case

    For iPhone 4: Japanese Beetle Case

    You look for a case for your iPhone 4 but those Hello Kitty ones we showed earlier this week are too girly-girly for you? Then here’s a (quite nasty) alternative: a case with a plastic Dokkiri, a Japanese beetle, glued to it. Read More

  • Japanese iPhone 4 Sushi Cover With Sushi Glued To It

    I know this is very silly, but here we go: Japan-based gadget maker Strapya World is selling some very unique iPhone 4 acessories [pre-orders can be made in English], namely the so-called “Japanese iPhone 4 Sushi Covers”. They turn your handset into a “plate of sushi”, which actually has two pieces of pretty realistic-looking (plastic) sushi glued to it. Read More

  • Music Card: Credit card-like MP3 player with built-in speaker (video)

    Japan-based gadget maker Strapya is offering the so-called Music Card MP3 Player (the link leads to their English store), an MP3 player that houses a speaker and an earphone plug but is still just 5mm (0.20″) thin. Sized at 5.4×8.6cm, the player weighs 20g. Strapya says the headphone jack is just 2.5mm and ships fitting earphones with the player itself, but they’ll also… Read More

  • Street Fighter IV Real Voice is the coolest cell phone strap ever (video)

    I’ve seen countless straps in my many years in cell phone-crazy Japan, but this one beats them all. The so-called “Street Fighter IV Real Voice” is essentially a mini joystick that plays the voice samples that follow a number of special moves in the game. All sounds from the major attacks Chun Li, Ken, Ryu and Dhalsim can pull off are there – provided you’re… Read More