New colored Wii straps hide sweat stains better

That white Wii strap getting a little grimy? Wii Bowling worked up a gross stain? Us too. These new colored straps should hide your nasty wrist sweat a bit better than the orginal. They should hit Jap

New, Tighter Wii Remote Control Straps Spotted: Clips That Actually Lock In Place

I bet Nintendo didn’t anticipate so many people losing control of their Wii remote controls, destroying TVs and ruining marriages in the process. To remedy that, the company has been releasing i

CPC Strap: Potentially Better Than an Arab Strap

Oh… my… God. We get stuff in our mailbox that causes us to pause, puke a little, and move on. But this, friends, will not allow us to move on. It screams at us from the depths — &#82