• Video: Joe the Plumber explains the upcoming digital TV transition (for some reason)

    [ Hey, America, remember Joe the Plumber? He was the unlicensed handyman who John McCain foisted upon us as some sort of tax expert (even though he had back taxes). Well that didn’t exactly work out for him, so the man has a new gig that’s relevant to us here: he’s explaining the digital TV transition to America for some Web site. I… Read More

  • Collection of Strange Windows-Powered Devices

    TechEBlog has put together a neat little roundup of peculiar devices powered by Windows. The most hardcore of which is showcased above. A fully robotic parking garage run from an off-the-shelf PC running NT. It’s said to even be effective at memorizing parker habits so that cars can be stored more efficiently. Other devices include a windows powered gas pump, touchscreen boombox and more. Read More