Decentralized storage: Tailwinds and open questions

On one hand, there are factors that could help boost the adoption of decentralized storage. On the other, it also seems at odds with other trends, such as sovereign clouds.

Storj Next could make decentralized storage more appealing to both supply and demand sides

Decentralized storage company Storj has launched a new version called Storj Next, which introduces new features and economic incentives to make this alternative to Amazon S3 more appealing.

Storj brings low-cost decentralized cloud storage to the enterprise

Storj, a startup that developed a low-cost, decentralized cloud storage solution, announced a new version today called Tardigrade Decentralized Cloud Storage Service. The new service comes with an ent

Monetizing computing resources on the blockchain

What exactly do you earn from monetizing your resources on the internet, and how accessible and reliable are your earnings? Here’s what you need to know.

Former Docker CEO Ben Golub joins Storj as Executive Chairman and interim CEO

Last May, Docker CEO Ben Golub stepped down after four years at the helm of the containerization pioneer. We didn’t hear all that much from him since, but today, the distributed object storage s

How to stage an ICO (and answers to other lingering questions you might have)

Over the last month, it’s been hard to miss talk in the media and on social channels about initial coin offerings, or ICOs. What are they? Where did they suddenly come from? Who’s investi