Ahead of launching its third product, Nothing announces a brick-and-mortar store

Nothing today announced the upcoming launch of a brick-and-mortar retail store in London’s Soho district. The store will, of course, carry Nothing. In a less literal sense, one wonders precisely wha

Amazon flexes its retail muscle with a brick-and-mortar clothing store

Signaling its ambitions to make a dent in the apparel market, Amazon today opened its first physical clothing store, Amazon Style, in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Offering a twist on the traditional

Apple says employees and customers are safe after store hostage situation in Amsterdam

In response to a now-resolved hostage situation at an Amsterdam store, Apple says that all employees and customers are safe “after this terrifying experience,” per a statement obtained by TechCrun

Crunch Report | Super Mario Run Hits the App Store

Super Mario Run is now in the App Store, Instagram passes 600 million users, Facebook hits fake news where it hurts, Facebook releases a bunch of overlays and stickers for Messenger and Tom Wheeler is

Microsoft Tries To Declare A Christmas Truce With Apple

Microsoft has put out a TV commercial for the holidays. In it, some things happen...mostly singing. There are employees, kids and other things going on in a New York City setting. Apple's back yard on

Amazon Launches A 3D Printing Store With Customizable Goods

Amazon has launched a new store for 3D-printed goods, which include items that can be customized to change their size, color, material and even aspects of their design. The store covers a range of typ

Charting The iTunes Store’s Path To 25 Billion Songs Sold, 40 Billion Apps Downloaded And Beyond

Apple today announced a new sales milestone for its iTunes digital music store, with 25 billion songs sold. The news follows an announcement made earlier this month that the App Store has had over 40

The Crunchies Monkey Goes Shopping For Holiday Gifts (Also, Tickets Make Great Stocking Stuffers)

As we all gear up for the holidays, everyone is scrambling to buy those last-minute gifts for friends and family. Even The Crunchies monkey. Where do monkeys shop, you ask? Well, we left that up to ou

MakerBot Introduces 3D Photo Booth In Its New York Store, Print Your Face In 3D

Today was the official grand opening of the MakerBot Store in New York. Head over to <a target="_blank" href="

Facebook Has A New On-Campus Swag Shop Called “Store” (No “The”)

An interesting thing has happened over the years in places like New York City and San Francisco. When you walk down the street, it's difficult to find someone not wearing a t-shirt that sports a techn

Goodbye, Fake Chinese Apple Stores

<a HREF="">Bloomberg</a> is reporting that the recently popularized <a HREF="https://t

Chinese Apple Store Open And Ready For Your Yuan

In typical hyperbolic Apple style, the company has just announced the launch of, the Chinese hardware as well as the Chinese version of the “legendary” App Store (yes, they ac

Active releases a new set of SSDs

<img src="">Solid state hard drives are increasing in popularity mainly because more are reaching the consumer market, there

CrunchGear visits top robot store Vstone in Akihabara (photo report)

<img src="" /> We've covered robots from Japan-based robot developer and retail store <a href="">Vs

CrunchGear visits Thanko's new USB flagship store in Akihabara (photo report)

<img src="" /> USB-powered <a href="">

Entourage announces e-book store for eDGe dualbook

<img src="" />The <a href="">Entour

Apple drinking too much, wants to recreate Prodigy by way of Second Life

A patent shows a “virtual shopping world” that will eventually — i.e. never — end up in the Apple store. The project, which is similar to Second Life, will allow you to walk th

Apple store closed [Update]

Maintenance or new product? Nothing special here. Free shipping for the iFones iCrap and a time table to ensure you get your gifts by Xmas. Move along, nothing to see here.