• LaCie Adds Some Polish To Its NAS Units With “NAS OS”

    LaCie Adds Some Polish To Its NAS Units With “NAS OS”

    Backing up data is getting more and more important, since although much of our critical stuff is in the cloud, we’re all generating so many pictures, videos, documents and so on that it’s wise to keep a local copy. Many people use external drives to back up, which is fine, but if you want any automated stuff, or server capabilities, you have to update to a network-attached… Read More

  • 1.6-Terabyte Smart Optimus SSD Reads A Gig Per Second

    1.6-Terabyte Smart Optimus SSD Reads A Gig Per Second

    Enterprise hardware company Smart Modular Technologies has announced a line of SSDs that appear to wipe the floor with pretty much everything out there. It comes in capacities from 200GB all the way to a current record capacity of 1.6TB. And not only is it the biggest single SSD available, it also is the fastest, using a Serial Attached SCSI interface to achieve (they claim) 1000MB/s read… Read More

  • LaCie’s Rugged Mini External Hard Drive Is Not Large

    LaCie’s Rugged Mini External Hard Drive Is Not Large

    Let’s say you’re LaCie, manufacturer par excellence of mid-to-high-end external hard drives. Are you LaCie now? Good. And let’s say you’ve put out a Rugged hard drive and a Rugged XL hard drive. Where do you go next? XXL? Extra-regular size? No, no, you put on your robe and marketing hat and, because you now know people like small things, you decide to make the Rugged Mini. Read More

  • The Latest Western Digital My Book Takes The Mac Look To The Max

    Western Digital, like most storage companies, has long had a line of products designed for the Mac crowd. The latest incarnation of the My Book Studio takes up a notch with a brushed aluminum enclouser and perforated top grill — you know, just like the Mac Pro. Also like the Mac Pro, this Apple-ified Firewire/USB 2.0 drive carries a premium with the 1TB, 2TB and 3TB drives costing… Read More

  • Super Talent's RC8: Thumbdrive Looks, SSD Power

    If you’ve ever wondered why they can’t take these tiny SSD units and just pack ’em into a thumbdrive case, this one’s for you. The new RC8 from Super Talent is in every way a real SSD, except perhaps that it’s not sitting in your PC’s case with a SATA connection. This one’s USB 3.0 and it appears to really cruise. We’re looking at over 200MB/s… Read More

  • Erasing And Recovering Hard Drives: An Increasingly Complicated Affair

    The buzzword of the year is “cloud,” and it carries with it an implication that your data is somewhere magical and safe, and in a way, it is. But there’s no getting around the fact that our appetite for storage is increasing by leaps and bounds, whether it’s stored locally or remotely. There’s always the possibility of catastrophic failure, and of course the flip… Read More

  • Seagate Teases "Perfect Companion" For Tablets

    Seagate is toying with us, saying they’re going to release this month the “perfect companion” for iPads and other tablets. Being that they’re a storage company and tablets lack serious storage space, I’m guessing it’s a tablet-oriented storage and backup solution, perhaps focusing on mobility and anywhere-accessibility. Perhaps via a browser… Read More

  • Roundup: Rugged Flash Drives From Corsair, Imation, Kingston, And LaCie

    Flash drives are a dime a dozen these days, so if you’re going to actually spend money on one, it may as well be one that can take a little abuse. After all, if you plan on having it with you everywhere you go, there’s a good chance this thing is going to get dropped, sat on, spilled on, and otherwise beaten up. The big flash drive sellers all have entries in this category, some… Read More

  • Hitachi GST Sold To Western Digital For $4.3 Billion

    The storage arm of Hitachi, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, has been bought by Western Digital for a combination of cash and shares totaling $4.3 billion. It was just last year that WD surpassed Seagate in terms of hard drives shipped, but both companies are facing a challenge as consumer and local storage trends more towards high-speed flash, leaving spinning drives in their dust. Read More

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