Citrix Scoops Up Virtual Storage Vendor Sanbolic

Citrix purchased Sanbolic today, a company that provides virtual storage optimization services, filling in a missing piece in its virtualization product portfolio with the acquisition. It’s w

Salesforce Will Integrate With External File Storage Providers, With Microsoft Up First

Salesforce, a SaaS CRM provider, announced a new product this morning that will connect external file storage solutions to its cloud-based products. In English, that means that if you store your digit

Druva Wants To Make Backup Tape History By Moving Server Backup To Cloud

Druva, which to this point has been known for data protection and backup in the cloud for PCs, laptops and mobile devices, announced a new server backup product today called Phoenix aimed at bringing

DataGravity Wants To Make Your Storage More Intelligent

DataGravity, a flash storage startup with a data-driven twist, wants to change the way we interact with storage and give companies a more intelligent way to deal with storage information. Most compani

Microsoft Updates Azure With 2 New U.S. Regions, Improved Hybrid Storage Solution And More

Microsoft today announced a number of new features for its Azure cloud computing platform ahead of its Worldwide Partner Conference next week. There is quite a bit that's new in this update, but the h

Inside Box’s Updated S-1

After much ado and pomp, Box released its updated S-1 document yesterday, revamping some of its usage statistics, and detailing the results of its fiscal first quarter. The company posted revenue of $

Virtualizing Wide Area Networks, VeloCloud Rings Up $21 Million

Add networking to the list of technologies that are moving to the cloud. Long the purview of networking giants like Cisco and Juniper, wide area networks can now be delivered as a service thanks to co

Dropbox, Box Competition Heats Up As Companies Buy Early-Stage Startups On Same Day

When two closely competing companies make purchases on the same day, it's probably fair to say that it's not a coincidence. Such was the case yesterday when Box and Dropbox purchased early stage start

No IPO Yet, Storage Provider Nutanix Raises Another $101M At A $1 Billion Valuation

Nutanix has raised $101 million in a Series D round and is boasting of a $1 billion market capitalization. But the fast-growing enterprise storage company is not planning to pursue an IPO any time soo

Nimble Storage Expected To Raise $168M On NYSE After Setting Stock Price At $21 Per Share

<a target="_blank" href="">Nimble Storage</a> will make its debut tomorrow on the New York Stock Exchange at an opening price of $21 per share. The hybrid storage provider

MakeSpace, A Dropbox For Real Life Storage, Launches In New York Today, Having Raised $1.3M

The phrase “storage unit,” brings to mind one of two things: high-volume drug deals, or a huge hassle. Either way, not good. A startup called MakeSpace is launching in New York today with

Microsoft Fires Back After Box Steps On Its Turf, Boosts SkyDrive Pro Storage To 25 GB

This is the real storage wars. Today Microsoft announced that it has increased the storage capacity of its SkyDrive Pro cloud document storage and syncing service to 25 gigabytes, from the formerly pr

EMC Acquires Israeli Storage Startup ScaleIO For $200M-$300M To Compete Better With The Cloud Kings

Palo Alto-based <a target="_blank" href="">ScaleIO</a> is one of a new generation of startup storage providers that's using intelligent software to help big companies streamline an

Google Unifies Its Free And Paid Storage Options, Gives You 15GB To Share Between Drive, Gmail And Google+ Photos, 30GB For Apps Users

Up until now, you've had to track your free storage on Google products separately. It was just another thing that Google hadn't brought together to make it easier on users. Today, <a target="_blank" h

IBM To Invest $1 Billion In Flash Technology Research, Reflecting Obsolescence Of Hard Disk Drives

IBM plans to invest $1 billion in research  to design, create and integrate Flash into its servers, storage systems and middleware, a reflection of the changing requirements needed for companies to

PernixData Launches With Goal To Become The VMware Of Flash

<a target="_blank" href="">PernixData</a> today launched its Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP) for clustering flash to get higher levels of performance. It's similar to how VM

Amazon Web Services Adds New Storage For Data Intensive Applications

Amazon Web Services has added a new storage instance for data intensive applications. The new storage instances are designed for applications that require high storage depth and I/O performance.

Amazon Web Services Drops S3 Storage Service Pricing About 25%

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced on stage at AWS re:Invent that it has dropped pricing about 25 percent across the board for its S3 storage service. Senior Vice President of Amazon Web Services And

Data Storage Company, Scale Computing, Raises $12M Series D Led By Heron Capital To Grow Its Datacenter-In-A-Box

Data storage company Scale Computing, which provides clustered storage infrastructure for SMEs, has closed a $12 million Series D funding round, led by Heron Capital Venture Fund. Reservoir Venture Pa

Quantcast Open Sources Hadoop Distributed File System Alternative

<a target="_blank" href="">Quantcast</a>, an internet audience measurement and ad targeting service, processes over 20 petabytes of data per day using <a target="_blank" href=
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