• StockTwits Acquires Abnormal Returns, Creates Real Time Financial News Hub

    StockTwits, a real time platform for the sharing of information around financial markets, has made it’s second acquisition – a financial news site called Abnormal Returns, founded by Tadas Viskanta. This follows the acquisition of last year. Abnormal Returns is a small but influential financial news site that includes curated news as well as original content about the… Read More

  • Realtime Money Flows: Xignite Supplies On-Demand Financial Market Data

    Xignite, a San Mateo, CA-based provider of on-demand financial market data, today announced a couple of new customers that are working on interesting things, including micro-blogging information service StockTwits and iPhone app developer Turing Studios. Customer wins are one thing, but Xignite has a pretty interesting model, has attracted millions in venture capital funding, boasts an… Read More

  • NASDAQ Launches A Slick iPhone App Highlighting Tweets From StockTwits

    We just noticed something in the App Store: An official app made by the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (a.k.a. NASDAQ), the American stock exchange, has been approved. That itself is interesting, but perhaps even more interesting is a key functionality of the app is to highlight tweets about various NASDAQ stocks. The free app is called NASDAQ Portfolio… Read More

  • BAM Investor's Financial Model Tweets Out Predictions Of The Next Stock Market Crash

    The S&P 500 is up 58 percent from its lowest point last March, the worst of the economic recession seems to be behind us, and even perennial stock market bear Jim Grant is calling for a barn-burner of a recovery, yet predictions of the next stock-market crash are already here. And you can find them on Twitter. Individual traders love to talk stocks on Twitter so much that they have given… Read More

  • With Its Desktop App, StockTwits Grows Up…And Away From Twitter

    StockTwits has been one of the success stories for building on the Twitter platform. The service, which leverages the power of the Twitter community and its real-time aspect to generate investment ideas, has thousands of people each day now using the $ tags it invented to talk stocks over the network. But to get into the big time in this field, co-founder Howard Lindzon knew the service had to… Read More

  • Skygrid Furthers Partnerships For Real-Time News Widgets

    SkyGrid is slowly expanding its real-time financial news empire. The powerful business news aggregator, recently struck a deal with StockTwits, a popular site that lets you track real-time discussions about stock information on Twitter, to feature a live feed of real-time news. Tomorrow, SkyGrid will launch its real-time financial news widget on Zacks, an investment research site… Read More

  • SkyGrid Now Appearing On StockTwits For A Real-Time Financial Frenzy

    It’s a match made in real-time heaven. StockTwits, a popular site that lets you track real-time discussions about stock information on Twitter, is now featuring a live feed of real-time news provided compliments of SkyGrid, the powerful real-time financial news aggregator. SkyGrid will now embed a widget on StockTwits pages, showing a stream of incoming news for whatever company… Read More

  • Betaworks Email To Investors: Read It Here

    Famous angel investor Ron Conway’s investment focus on real time startups earned him the moniker “Real Time Ron” by his close friends. But he’s certainly not the only venture capitalist out there focusing on this space. New York based betaworks, an incubator/VC, is also right in the thick of things. They invested early in Summize and gained a sizable chunk of Twitter… Read More

  • Meet The Latest Twitter App Incubator: 140Labs (And The "I'm Big On Twitter" Project)

    StockTwits and WallStrip founder Howard Lindzon is at it again, 140 characters at a time. After buying out, thus attracting its lead developer Adarsh Pallian to his latest venture(s), he has now also acquired the latter’s other Twitter-related project Tweetizen, we’ve learned today. Furthermore, it seems like Lindzon is also spinning off a Twitter-only incubator / fund… Read More

  • StockTwits Takes Over To Enrich Trading Chatter On Twitter

    Now businesses that are being built on top of Twitter are starting to consume others that were in fact features of those very businesses to begin with. Case in point: StockTwits has just acquired, which is a tremendously logical deal. is a stock-chart service designed specifically for StockTwits (which is dedicated to talking about stocks on Twitter). Think of it as a… Read More

  • The Evolution Of Twitter Spin-Offs: Twitter Begat StockTwits Begat

    It was only a matter of time before an app was was built to support another app that was built for Twitter. is a stock charting app to be used directly in conjunction with another Twitter app, StockTwits. lets Twitter users upload and share stock charts via Twitter and StockTwits. It’s kind of like TwitPic for stock charts. lets you upload a chart of a… Read More