• Unboxing Stitch Fix’s S-1 Crunch Network

    Unboxing Stitch Fix’s S-1

    When Zulily went public in 2013, it sparked a resurgence of interest in an otherwise lagging e-commerce market. Quickly trading up to reach an $8B market cap — valuing the company at over 10 times revenues — Zulily became the poster child of the flash sales boom. Over the ensuing months and years, concepts such as curated commerce, conversational commerce, flash sales… Read More

  • Stitch Is A Social Network For Seniors

    Stitch Is A Social Network For Seniors

    The winner of a recent TC Radio Pitch-Off contest, Stitch is a social network designed for those over 50 years old. Headquartered in Australia, the site is designed to help members find friends, romantic companionship, or just new activities to try. Marcie Rogo, cofounder of Stitch, explained that “many older adults have lots of things they want to do, but nobody to do them with. Read More

  • Stitch Is Slack For Healthcare Messaging

    Stitch Is Slack For Healthcare Messaging

    Stitch, a central messaging hub for healthcare providers, is launching today on stage at Disrupt to cut down on the $11 billion that U.S. hospitals waste each year due to breakdowns in communication. You can think of Stitch as Slack for healthcare, except channels are organized around individual patients instead of teams or departments. When a patient checks in, the front desk can set up a… Read More

  • It’s All About Relationships When Selling Your Startup Crunch Network

    It’s All About Relationships When Selling Your Startup

    What is actually required for a startup to get to an M&A? While the popular image may be Facebook buying Instagram over one weekend, that’s not how it usually happens. A select few companies may not do anything to try to sell their companies but still get a call out of the blue and then sell for billions. Read More

  • Confirmed: SugarCRM Buys Mobile Startup Stitch, Shuts It Down

    Confirmed: SugarCRM Buys Mobile Startup Stitch, Shuts It Down

    SugarCRM, a CRM and open source rival to Salesforce, has made an acquisition to help the company raise its game on the mobile front. It has acquired and is shutting down Stitch, a startup co-founded by ex-Salesforce execs that created a mobile-first platform and iOS app for salespeople to proactively follow and close deals. SugarCRM has confirmed the acquisition of IP and other… Read More

  • Winnie The Pooh, Stitch, Alien: Super-cute digital photo frames

    Tokyo-based gadget maker Greenhouse announced [JP] three super-cute, Disney-themed digital photo frames today, the GH-DF35TV. Buyers can choose between three characters: Winnie The Pooh, Stitch or Little Green Man (one of those green, three-eyed aliens from Toy Story 1 and 2). Read More

  • Japan gets super-cute Stitch TV

    A Japanese company called Runat today presented a 20-inch LCD TV featuring a Stitch figure that tries to climb on top of it [JP]. The TV will go on sale (in Japan only) starting at the end of this month. Read More

  • Cute USB gadget alarm: Heart-shaped cup warmer and Stitch-shaped humidifier released

    Just in time for Christmas, two new cute USB gadgets have been released today in Japan and the best thing is you can order both online even if you live outside Nippon. First, a company called Runat announced it started selling a USB humidifier [JP] that is shaped like the Disney cartoon character Stitch. The little guy (184x130x165mm) is suitable for small rooms and offices. You can pre-order… Read More

  • Stitch Customizable Glasses: Sew Your Very Own Catchphrase Into Your Frames

    I really do love these product designs that’ll never see the light of day. Today is no different, with Stitch customizable eyewear—glasses to you and me. They were created to give people an opportunity to wear glasses that truly match their personality. It seems many of these designers love to rag on big business and large manufacturers for creating derivative, uninspired junk all… Read More