(Founder Stories)’s Top Priority: “Nail Product & Fix Anything That Is Not Working”

In <a href="">episode I</a> of <a href="

(Founder Stories)’s Billy Chasen On Closing Stickybits: “None Of Us Used The App”

When we first invited <a href="">Billy Chasen</a> to join us on <em>Founder Stories</em> he was working hard to make his startup, <a href="https://techcr Is About To Rock An iPhone App; We Have Screenshots

For the past few months, few things on the web <a href="">have been hotter</a> than <a href=""></a>.

Although Many Investors Are Spinning, Has Not Yet Picked A DJ

Although many investors are spinning for the chance to invest in <a href=""></a>, the hot music startup has not yet picked a dance partner, despite reports to the contr

Startup Sherpa: Serving Two Masters And Changing Consumer Behavior (Part II)

<img src="" /> Yesterday, we debuted Part I of <em>Startup Sherpa</em>, a new show with angel investor (<a href="http://www.crunchbas

Startup Sherpa: Chris Dixon And Stickybits CEO Billy Chasen Talk About Pivoting (Part I)

<img src="" /> Welcome to <em>Startup Sherpa</em>, a new show we are piloting on TechCrunch TV. Rather than have one of us at TechCr

Stickybits Turns Product Barcode Scans Into Rewards

<img src=""> Foursquare and Facebook Places are popularizing the location check-in. Instagram and PicPlz are perfecting the photo che

Stickybits Is Honing Its Object Check-Ins To Be More Brand-Friendly

<img src=""> When <a href="">stickybits</a> launched at the SXSW conference last March, it was <a href="htt

A GearBox That Moves The Ball With Your Phone

<img src=""> Atoms and bits are coming together in interesting ways. A slew of geo apps like Foursquare, Gowalla, and Loopt let you l

Stickybits Rolls Out "Official" Branded Bits, Signs Up Pepsi As First Advertiser

<img src=""> Seth Goldstein, the chairman and co-founder of <a href="">Stickybits</a>, described the progre

The Secret Lives Of Objects: StickyBits Turn Barcodes Into Personal Message Boards

<img src=""> Every place and object in the world has a secret past: who lived there, who passed by, who touched it. The secret lives