With a new $20 million in funding, electronic stethoscope startup Eko wants to research your beating heart

It’s hard to compete against the Apple Watch or even an app on your phone when it comes to personal heart-rate monitors these days. However, Eko, a startup best known for creating an electronic

Inside Forward, ex-Googler Adrian Aoun’s idea for the doctor’s office of the future

Forward, a new type of futuristic doctors office launched its first location in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district at the beginning of this year. Some in the health industry┬áhave h

Microsoft Awards Imagine Cup Grants To 5 Innovative Student Developer Teams

Every year, Microsoft hosts the Imagine Cup, one of the world's most influential student development competitions. The company pits developer teams from around the world against each other in a Disrup

Paging Dr. iPod

A bit old in the blogosphere, but still a goodie, the $500 Thinklabs ds32a Digital Stethoscope comes with a 2GB iPod Nano and special recording attachment that allows you to record the sweet beats of