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  • Rumor: Stephen King to launch Kindle exclusive today [Update: Confirmed]

    Later today in NYC, Amazon is expected to unveil the K2 (we’ve known this since 1/27, but welcome to the party WSJ) and with it an exclusive Stephen King novel, says the WSJ. There isn’t a whole lot else about this supposed King deal, so we’ll have to wait until the press conference at 10AM today. I hope King shows up so I can kick him in the shins for the countless hours… Read More

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    CrunchArcade: The Column

    CrunchArcade is a weekly column in which the week’s gaming news, reviews, and other games-related tidbits are collected and augmented for your pleasure and convenience. This week in CrunchArcade: iPhones, controversy, Master Miyagi vs. Pac-Man, and Japanese high-school kids blasting their spirit-brains out in Persona 3: FES. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Stephen King on video game violence. Wait, Stephen King?

    Massachusetts HB 1423 is a bill to ban the sale of video games to minors outright. That’s right: under 18, you can’t buy games. Sure, you can watch Skinemax and see Hostel: Part II, but you can’t play Army of Two. Noted author Stephen King — the freakin’ Stephen King — is calling bullshit on this whole endeavor which, incidentally, smacks of the whole… Read More