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Nokia’s Fall Means The Rise Of Startups In Finland

The Finnish economy, which has contracted for three years in a row, is still reeling, but the country’s rising startup scene is a careful indication that Finland - the land of a thousand lakes and t

Let’s Impair That Goodwill, Part 2

Microsoft fired a number of executives today, including Stephen Elop, an executive that returned to the company following a tenure as Nokia's CEO. Elop made his way back to Redmond after Microsoft bou

A Trojan Horse Once Again? Stephen Elop, Now EVP Of Devices At Microsoft, Confirmed As An ‘Internal’ Candidate For CEO Slot, As He Lays Out Plans In His Own Words

Microsoft's <a href="">landmark decision to buy Nokia's hands

Watch Nokia’s Stephen Elop Lob Someone Else’s iPhone On The Floor, Promise To Replace It

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is a man with a mission: to try to drum up interest in the company's Windows Phone line of Lumia smartphones in a market saturated with Androids and iPhones. So what better way

TC Interview: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Talks Windows Phone Alternatives, Low-End Devices And Email

Ahead of its Mobile World Congress press conference today, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop sat down with TechCrunch to talk about the company's dual OS strategy, expanding product portfolio and the evolving co

Nokia Confirms It’s Keeping An Open Mind About Using Android In Future. Message To Microsoft: Don’t Take Support For Granted?

Relations between Nokia and its former BFF Microsoft are evidently not as cosy as once they were. While the Finnish mobile maker has reiterated it's "immediately focused" on Windows Phone for smartpho

People Still Believe In Nokia

Nokia has been having a very, very hard time of it lately, dramatically losing market share in the smartphone race to the likes of Samsung and Apple, and getting slammed on a regular basis by the cred

Nokia CEO Elop Wants To Fight Other Windows Phones With Volume

Given all the attention that Nokia's Windows Phones seem to enjoy, it's easy to forget that they won't just be duking it out with Android devices and iPhones. Nokia will also have to compete with fell

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop: Work On First Windows Nokia Phones Has Begun

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Nokia</a> CEO (and former <a href="

Look Vic Gundotra, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Can Also Tweet Cryptically!

<img src="" /> Google VP <a href="">Vic Gundotra</a> raised some eyebrows with his apparently

Will Microsoft And Nokia Team Up To Take On Apple, Google?

<img src="" />In rapid succession, Nokia has ousted its CEO, 30-year <a href="">Nokia</a> veteran <a href