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  • Sundance VR Trend Piece

    Sundance VR Trend Piece

    So about this time of year my inbox gets flooded with junk from Sundance. Reps, PR, invites to parties. Raise a chalice with Matt Damon and Stella Artois at Sundance! [Sure, why not]. Raise a glass with Canon [sense a trend?]. See the Extraordinary Difference Vaseline is Making [what?]. You get the picture. But for the last couple of years, the big inbox trend for Sundance has been VR. In… Read More

  • Stella Artois-branded PSP: That's a fancy beer, midwesterners

    Stella Artois is a non-offensive beer best consumed while watching non-American sports like the Champions League or the Tri Nations. The Sony PSP is a portable video game system best enjoyed after it’s been loaded with a custom firmware and decked out with emulators and the like. But a Stella Artois PSP? Madness. The PSP isn’t an official Sony product, but rather represents the… Read More