Steam Box

Valve To Launch A Prototype Steam Box And Multiple Steam Machines In 2014

Following the announcement of SteamOS, Valve just unveiled the long-anticipated Steam Box — sort of. Instead of releasing a Valve-branded Steam Box, the company will actually work with multiple

Xi3 Says While Piston May Not Be An ‘Official’ Steam Box, It Could Be Better Than One

The Xi3 Piston opened for pre-orders on Monday, and seemed to be the first of many Steam Box type devices powered by Valve’s online gaming store and service. But Valve quickly came out and said

Valve’s Steam Box Prototypes Are Being Prepped For Player Testing In “Three To Four Months”

As it turns out, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell gets awfully chatty when he attends award ceremonies. His appearance at the (generally awful) Spike TV Video Game Awards got him ruminating about the <a h

Gabe Newell Foresees A Slew Of Living Room Gaming PCs (Including One From Valve?) In 2013

I don’t normally expect much to come out of Spike TV’s annual Video Game Awards, but<a target="_blank" href="