• Not-so-Stealthy StealthArmor: COLOR Series giveaway

    StealthArmor, the fancy skin for your iPhone or iPad, is now available in red, pink, blue, yellow, orange, purple and green. I know you’ve been itching for a green iPad. If you want the boring carbon fiber look, you can have it, but that’s pretty old fashioned. We’ve got three to give away to lucky readers! Read More

  • Protect your iPad with metallic looking StealthArmor

    Your iPad has that nice metallic look, right? You want to preserve that sleek industrial design. You want Fusion of Ideas StealthArmor METAL! Available in gold, bronze, tungsten, and brushed aluminum, the StealthArmor METAL surprisingly is not made out of actual metal, so no need to worry about interfering with wireless communications. Read More

  • StealthArmor now available for your Apple iPad

    Let’s face it, as our mobile computing devices get smaller and smaller, they get more fragile. To protect our precious gadgets, we wrap them in cushiony cases to protect them from a devastating fall to the ground. But these cases increase the bulk, reducing the convenience of the small form factor. One new option for iPhone — and now iPad — owners is Fusion of… Read More