• Chinese Theme Park Copies Japan's Giant Gundam Statue

    Because it’s so awesome, we’ve spent multiple times covering the 50-foot Gundam statue Japan erected in Tokyo and later in Shizuoka. And now we can see that a theme park in Sichuan in central China agrees: it’s in the process of erecting a Gundam on their own. Read More

  • He's back: 60-foot Gundam is (almost) ready again

    We spent quite a few posts on the uber-cool, gigantic Gundam statue that was erected in Tokyo Bay last year. The 60-foot robot statue was deconstructed in September, with Bandai quickly announcing plans to re-erect the big guy in Shizuoka soon. And now he’s almost ready. Read More

  • For $3,400: Bandai to sell 1.5m tall Gundam figure

    No doubt, Gundam is Japan’s favorite anime. They opened a Gundam Cafe in Akihabara, they erected a 1:1 scale Gundam statue in Tokyo bay, and they keep offering tons of Gundam-powered stuff on a monthly basis. The 1/60 Gundam statue replica (30cm) we showed you last November, for example, wasn’t bad, but today Bandai unveiled something even cooler: a Gundam model that stands… Read More

  • Then Blizzard looked at its huge Orc statue, and wept

    You’re Blizzard. You develop a little game called Word of Warcraft. You move into a new office building—a sign of your importance—and want to commemorate said action. You hire the dudes responsible for the Lord of the Rings special effects, and tell them, “Make us a big statue of an Orc on his mount, looking sinister.” And they do. Read More