• Twitter + Sports =

    Twitter + Sports =

    Automated Insights, the venture-backed digital media company formerly known as StatSheet, automatically transforms data into content – think interactive applications and things like data-driven news articles, charts and whatnot. Lately, Automated Insights’s been making waves with its extensive network of sports-related websites. For an example, check out the StatSheet MLB website. Read More

  • StatSheet Changes Name To Automated Insights, Scores $4 Million

    StatSheet Changes Name To Automated Insights, Scores $4 Million

    Exclusive – StatSheet, which specializes in realtime content automation, is expanding beyond sports to apply its technology to other data-intensive verticals where the cost of creating high-quality content remains high. The company has decided that a new name will better reflect its broadened focus, and will henceforth be known as Automated Insights. Furthermore, the startup has secured… Read More

  • Automated News Comes To Sports Coverage Via StatSheet

    Here come the robo sports journalists. While people in the media biz worry about content mills like Demand Media and Associated Content spitting out endless SEO-targeted articles written by low-paid Internet writers, at least those articles are still written by humans. We may no longer need the humans, at least for data-driven stories. A startup in North Carolina, StatSheet, today is launching… Read More

  • Former Crunchies Finalist StatSheet Recieves 1.3 Million In Series A

    One-man-startup Statsheet just received 1.3 million in a first round of funding from a group of investors that includes Valhalla, IDEA Fund Partners and assorted angels, most notably Adam Smith of Xobni. Founded by former Cisco engineer Robert Allen, the Statsheet Network platform is run on and provides fans and bloggers with statistical analysis, charts, and sport stat embeds. Read More

  • Twitter Starts To Act Like Apple By Making Life Hard For Developers, Shuts Down StatTweets

    We’ve all heard the stories about Apple rejecting apps from the iTunes App Store for arbitrary reasons. Now Twitter is raising some hackles for shutting down accounts for no good reason. In this case, the accounts belong to StatTweets, which was created by Robbie Allen, the developer behind sports stat site StatSheet. StatTweets was a way to get sports scores and updates about… Read More

  • Sports Fans, Keep Up With Your Teams On StatTweets.

    A big part of being a sports fan is keeping score. And now there is a great way to keep up with scores and stats for every basketball and football team in the U.S. (NBA, NFL, and college teams). It’s called StatTweets, and it just launched today. You can follow any team you like from @KnicksStats to @UNCStats, and you’ll get spreads, final points, standings, ranks, and more. Here… Read More