• Spotify brings soundtracks to Starz’ video streaming app

    Spotify brings soundtracks to Starz’ video streaming app

    Before the streaming era, if you found yourself watching a movie or TV show with a great soundtrack, you may have gone out later to buy the CD. These days, at best, you may remember to look up the soundtrack on iTunes or a streaming service like Spotify. But the premium TV network Starz has a different idea: in partnership with Spotify, it’s putting soundtracks directly into its… Read More

  • Starz launches a streaming service for cord cutters with support for downloads

    Starz launches a streaming service for cord cutters with support for downloads

    Another premium cable TV network, Starz, is taking the plunge into the streaming video market with today’s launch of its own standalone streaming service, aimed at cord cutters. The move follows the launches of HBO’s over-the-top offering, HBO NOW, introduced last year, as well as a similar effort by Showtime. However, Starz’ service will differentiate itself by… Read More

  • House of Cards

    House of Cards

    It’s possible new media will steal a page from the VCs and the economics of the Cloud, putting these streaming deals together on multiple networks (Facebook, YouTube, Ustream, iCloud) with talent owning the rights in return for low startup costs. Spotify could fight off the independents by offering contracts directly to the artists, and team with the streaming studios to live cast… Read More

  • Netflix to stream movies from Starz

    In an interesting move by Netflix and Starz, about 2,500 featured movies and concerts are now available for instant streaming over the Internet and using the Roku Netflix box. Because Starz offers first run “premium” content, this move expands the overall streaming offerings from Netflix considerably. My only complaint about Netflix streaming has thus far been movie selection… Read More

  • Vongo shutting down, paving way for Starz Play

    So long-o, Vongo. The $9.99 per month unlimited movie streaming site is no longer accepting new subscribers. The service will instead be replaced by the $5.99 per month Starz Play offering, powered by Verizon. Starz ran Vongo so it’s not really huge news either way – kind of a lateral move, except four bucks cheaper per month. While the idea of unlimited movie watching for one… Read More