• The 30 Startups People Care About The Most

    The 30 Startups People Care About The Most

    Yesterday I wrote about a service called StartupFollower, which allows users to sign up for email notifications when TechCrunch writes about their favorite startups.  Today, after receiving 738 signups and 3138 total company follows post launch, founder Tim Suzman sent us the StartupFollower follow distribution list. While informal, the list gives a rough idea of which companies our… Read More

  • Keep Tabs On Your Favorite Startups With StartupFollower

    From AdaptiveBlue to Zazzle, everyone has startups they go fangirl and fanboy over (hi Quora). To save you the trouble of obsessively scanning your RSS feed or setting up individual Google alerts, StartupFollower lets you subscribe to TechCrunch news about your favorite startups via email. Using the Crunchbase API, StartupFollower has a Google Instant-like interface which enables you to add… Read More