Draftboard lets companies list referral bonuses for anyone

Companies that offer role referral bonuses do so with the assumption that their employees know their work culture — and a role’s requirements — best. But what if companies were to op

Simbian brings AI to existing security tools

Simbian is a cybersecurity platform that effectively controls other cybersecurity platforms as well as security apps and tooling.

Deal Dive: EarliTec Diagnostics raises $21.5M to help diagnose autism earlier

EarliTec's FDA-authorized device helps clinicians diagnose children showing signs of autism as young as 16 months old.

Modal raises $25M to train corporate workers on data and AI

A few years ago, Darren Shimkus, ex-president of Udemy, had a conversation with Dennis Yang about skills building. Shimkus was of the belief that building skills in the corporate sector was a difficul

Quadratic is reimagining the spreadsheet with a focus on data

Using Quadratic, users can bring in hundreds of thousands of rows of data, write analyses in their preferred programming language and share the results with outside stakeholders.

Hailo lands $120 million to keep battling Nvidia as most AI chip startups struggle

The funding climate for AI chip startups, once as sunny as a mid-July day, is beginning to cloud over as Nvidia asserts its dominance. According to a recent report, U.S. chip firms raised just $881 mi

Ibotta’s expansion into enterprise should set it up for a successful IPO

Ibotta's recent partnerships with brands Exxon, Shell and Walmart helped the company reach profitability.

Metaview’s tool records interview notes so that hiring managers don’t have to

Metaview integrates with apps, phone systems, videoconferencing platforms and tools like Calendly and GoodTime to automatically capture the content of interviews.

The UK threw a splashy event in New York this week to woo more American VCs

U.K. officials unveiled a hologram statue and threw a big party to celebrate the U.K. as the third $1 trillion tech economy.

NewRetirement aims to shake up retirement planning with a holistic approach

NewRetirement builds software to help people create financial retirement plans.

Can you hear me now? AI-coustics to fight noisy audio with generative AI

Noisy recordings of interviews and speeches are the bane of audio engineers’ existence. But one German startup hopes to fix that with a unique technical approach that uses generative AI to enhan

Quilt is building AI assistants for solutions teams

The job of so-called “solutions professionals” — people like sales engineers, solutions architects and consultants — revolves around pitching complex enterprise tech to potenti

Luminary Cloud’s simulator taps GPUs to help speed up product design

Simulations are an essential step in physical product engineering. They enable engineers to create prototypes and understand how they might perform in the real world, accounting for factors like aerod

OpenMeter makes it easier for companies to track usage-based billing

In enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS), usage-based pricing — a pricing model in which customers are charged only when they use a product or service — is gaining ground. According to a report

Axion Ray’s AI attempts to detect product flaws to prevent recalls

Recalls are costly for — and damaging to — any company, no matter the size or market. For instance, McKinsey estimates that, for businesses manufacturing medical devices, recalls have been

Pienso builds no-code tools for training AI models

AI might be the “it thing” of the moment. But that doesn’t mean it’s getting easier to deploy. According to a 2023 S&P Global survey, about half of companies with at least

Reach Security taps a company’s existing tools to fight cyber threats

Thanks to an uncertain economy, cybersecurity budgets are in a tight spot. According to a 2023 survey from IANS and recruiting firm Artico Search, more than a third of chief information security offic

AI chip startup Groq forms new business unit, acquires Definitive Intelligence

Groq, a startup developing chips to run generative AI models faster than conventional hardware, has an eye toward the enterprise — and public sector. Today, Groq announced that it’s formin

How much are Nvidia’s rivals investing in startups? We investigated

Over the past couple of years, Nvidia, by far the largest AI chipmaker, has ramped up its investments in startups that propel it deeper into the AI space. According to S&P Global and Crunchbase, t

Glean wants to beat ChatGPT at its own game — in the enterprise

GenAI has its issues. But if there’s one thing it excels at, it’s surfacing answers from vast pools of data. Enter Glean, whose software connects to enterprise first- and third-party datab
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