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Dear Sophie: What are my F-1 OPT options if my crypto job is no longer available?

I’m an F-1 student who had a job lined up with a crypto company, but they rescinded my job offer. What are my options, especially if I want to create my own web3 startup?

Dear Sophie: Which visa is best for bootstrapping a startup?

I'm a founder from Germany. Our customers are mainly U.S.-based, and we don’t plan to raise any capital from investors. What's my best option for bootstrapping my startup in the U.S.?

Dear Sophie: Does International Entrepreneur Parole have any advantages over an O-1 visa?

Are there any advantages to International Entrepreneur Parole over an O-1 visa? IEP seems to require $250k in institutional backing — so getting an O-1A doesn’t seem like a huge reach from there.

Dear Sophie: What are the visa options for international founders?

I started a startup in Pakistan with a couple of co-founders a few years ago. One of the co-founders and I want to move to the United States to access the market. What are our visa options?

Dear Sophie: How long does it take to get International Entrepreneur Parole?

Both my co-founder and I have E-2 status. We need to find a quick visa option, as a VC investment will dilute our equity and we will no longer be eligible. How long does IEP take? How can we expedite?

Dear Sophie: How long does it take to get International Entrepreneur Parole?

My co-founder and I have E-2 status and we're expecting a VC investment. We are interested in International Entrepreneur Parole, but we’re concerned about timing. Should we consider an alternative?

Dear Sophie: 2 questions about the latest immigration news

My goal is to co-found a fintech startup while on an F-1 OPT. I heard that I could to qualify for STEM OPT given the expanded list of STEM fields. Can I continue working at my startup on STEM OPT?

Dear Sophie: Startup visa news, H-1B and STEM OPT queries

My crystal ball says that there is actually hope for a startup visa in 2022!

Dear Sophie: What’s the difference between IEP and the latest proposed startup visa?

What’s the difference between International Entrepreneur Parole and the latest proposed startup visa? Do you think the startup visa will become a reality? If so, when?

Dear Sophie: Which immigration options allow me to launch my own startup?

I’m appreciative that I made it through the H-1B lottery, but I’m stuck in a rut. I really want to start something of my own. Are there any immigration options that would allow me to do that?

Common mistakes Indian startups make when relocating to the US

The United States is a welcoming market full of opportunities. However, relocating presents significant challenges.

Dear Sophie: Is it possible to expand our startup in the US?

I launched a startup in Iran, and I’m happy to say it’s thriving. I'd like to expand in California. Now that Biden has eliminated the Muslim ban, is it possible? Is the pandemic still a problem?

Dear Sophie: How does International Entrepreneur Parole work for startup founder immigration?

I’ve been hearing a lot about International Entrepreneur Parole lately. How does parole work and how long does it take?

Dear Sophie: How does the International Entrepreneur Parole program work?

I’m the founder of an early-stage fintech startup. We really want to move to San Francisco to be near our lead investor. Can we use International Entrepreneur Parole? How does it work?

Dear Sophie: How can I get my startup off the ground and visit the US?

I’m an entrepreneur who created my first startup a few months ago. Once it gets off the ground, I’d like to visit the U.S. to test the market and meet with investors. Which visas would let me do t

Dear Sophie: Help! My H-1B wasn’t chosen!

My startup registered two H-1B candidates in this year’s lottery. Sadly, neither was selected. Help! We can’t afford for them to have to leave the U.S. What are our options?

Dear Sophie: What does Biden’s win mean for tech immigration?

Sophie Alcorn Contributor Share on Twitter Sophie Alcorn is the founder of Alcorn Immigration Law in Silicon Valley and 2019 Global Law Experts Awards’ “Law Firm of the Year in California for Entr

Dear Sophie: How will this election nail-biter affect immigration?

Whatever the election results, there will still be many ways for people to legally navigate the U.S. immigration process and access the opportunity and security of life here.

To create the jobs our economy needs, the US must expand immigration

To truly protect our country, revitalize our economy, and create opportunity for all, we would be wise to open our borders wider, not slam them shut.

Minimum investment for EB-5 investor green card expected to more than double

While not a startup visa, the EB-5 investor green card offers many entrepreneurs a path to a green card by investing money and creating jobs in the U.S. Under the EB-5 program, an entrepreneur’s fam
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