startup strategy

Your startup should solve an impossibly hard problem

Most obvious problems that have obvious solutions don’t need startups.

Build a company, not a feature

Do you have a company or merely a feature? Let's explore the red flags investors will look for to determine which bucket your startup falls into.

The fundraising stages are not about dollar values — they’re about risk

You're not trying to increase the value of your company; that's a fool's errand. Instead, focus on de-risking your startup.

To prepare for a downturn, build a three-case model

The business climate, consumer preferences and competition can all send into motion sequences of events that nobody can predict with certainty. Thankfully, founders can still prepare for them.

6 tips for launching a blockchain startup

Founders must remember that while non-crypto startups can offer useful and transferrable launch strategies, the road to achieving success in the blockchain industry is paved differently.

Strategy For Startups: The Innovator’s Dilemma

Strategy. Unfortunately, it suffers from a bad reputation among startups. It is associated with consultants who are paid millions of dollars only to come back with a two-by-two <a href="