• Ron Conway’s Advice For Young Founders At YC’s Startup School

    Ron Conway’s Advice For Young Founders At YC’s Startup School

    The first panel of today’s Startup School: Silicon Valley at the Flint Center for the Performance Arts consisted on Paul Graham interviewing SV Angel’s Ron Conway. Given the audience — which based on some chatting before the event, consisted of many Stanford students and high schoolers in the South Bay Area — Graham’s line of question primarily had to do with… Read More

  • Startup School: Reid Hoffman On The Burden Of Competition

    Oftentimes when you hear a startup CEO speak about their competitors, there’s a lot of talk about “validation of the market” and how there’s room for multiple winners. That may be true in some cases, but competition can hamper you in ways you may not immediately expect — and winning involves more than just building a superior product. That was one of the… Read More

  • Startup School 2009: 37 Signals has some lessons for European startups

    Y combinator’s annual startup school event was held in Berkeley last Saturday and featured a stellar lineup of speakers including the founders of Twitter, Facebook and Zappos. The founders speaking were almost universally charming and funny, even Mark Zuckerberg who I was determined to dislike (he does look around 12 though). This reinforces my belief that charm goes a long way in… Read More

  • Why are there not more Spanish startups? OkuriSpaces aim to change that

    [Spain] You don’t often hear start-ups bursting forth from Spain and flourishing abroad.  Nowhere near compared to what you see appearing from other European countries such as Germany, UK and France, among others. Why not? Others have noticed this dearth of activity, and there are increasing numbers of initiatives geared specifically toward driving the Spanish start-up scene. After a lot… Read More