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Making layoffs suck less: How to announce job cuts and retain top performers

Letting people go will never feel good, but with some thought and planning, founders can manage the process well and come out the other side stronger.

How our startup made it through 2 recessions without relying on layoffs

We have found that a sustainable approach to hiring has helped us navigate uncertain market conditions. Here is how we did it.

Line goes down

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In a down market, good messaging isn’t enough for managing international teams

Companies are clamping down on budgets, but startup CEOs shouldn’t assume that costs will go down just because it was decided they need to.

10 steps for managing layoffs respectfully

In an economic climate like this, layoffs are a necessary evil. But what most founders don't realize is that you shouldn’t just optimize for efficiency — you must treat people with respect.

Today’s startup layoffs have nothing on the 2020 correction

The point at which layoffs started to rise as a percentage of all changes to startup employment was loosely the same moment that everyone decided that paying 100x ARR was probably too much.

Perhaps faster delivery times were a poor choice from a unit-economics perspective

Not every q-commerce company will fail. But startups that raised huge sums of money to build super-rapid consumer delivery models are laying off staff, attempting to merge and otherwise stay alive.