Startup Growth

On the journey to Series B, strategy is more important than metrics

Capital is no longer abundant, so it is sensible to think about the cost of growth and how far the money needs to go.

Could this ‘quiet company’ kick open the IPO window?

TextNow went to market with a product that customers wanted, focused on its unit economics, and did not grow ahead of its ability to generate gross profit. Shocking, right?

The startup growth paradox

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Growth as a false signal in Y Combinator startups

One has to appreciate how Paul Graham built Y Combinator into the world’s flagship accelerator. In fact, I have yet to meet a founder who regrets joining the program. But after stepping away from th

You’re Still Modeling Growth Incorrectly

When I first got the job running marketing at Mint, founder and CEO Aaron Patzer told me that we had to get Mint to 100,000 users within six months of launching. The number itself didn’t intimidate