• Get Yourself A Bright Yellow StarTAC

    If you were too young to own a StarTAC, you totally missed out, buddy. The StarTAC was the coolest phone of the 1990s and thousands of young dot-commers carried it like a badge of courage. Well, now you can own a bright yellow GSM model for a mere $150. Read More

  • Ye Olde Wireless Internet

    Being a tech blog, we are up to our laptops in the latest gadgetry and services. Naturally, as soon as Verizon (the bastard child of BellAtlantic, GTE and AirTouch) unveiled its new “Wireless Web” service we were the first ones in line to, get this, surf the Internet on our cellular telephones. Yes, yes, we too were shocked at first as to how this was possible, but apparently it is… Read More

  • Keeping Old Cellphones Slowing Down Recycling Efforts

    The battery of that Startac most of you have chilling under your bed could be put to better use. Europe’s goal for recycling 45% of all portable device batterys sold are being stunted because of the consumer habit of keeping their outdated tech. The total weight of recycled Li-ion batteries in Europe fell about 100 tons in the past year. So go recycle that cellphone from 2006. Now… Read More

  • StarTAC III: Back on the Streets

    Remember StarTAC? You might not, it’s been a good decade since the popular Moto hit the scene back in the days of analog phone service, but at the time, it was a big deal. It was the first “clamshell” cellphone to hit the US market, as well as the first to feature a “vibrate” function, and was so small and light that you could actually carry it in your pocket… Read More