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Making mastodon gummies, Geltor is recreating a truly paleo diet

Paul Shapiro Contributor Share on Twitter Paul Shapiro s the author of "Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World". Most paleo dieters try to stick to some t

How A Teacher Turned To Technology To Solve A Thorny Problem And Raised $100K

The clincher, the thing that made Quick Key go viral, was a poorly-lit video of an excitable guy holding his iPhone up to a Scantron page, one of those test pages you used to fill out in school. He th

NightPrivy Lets You Bid On A Bottle Full Of Bub

As a degenerate clubber, I often find myself back in the VIP where I enjoy fine libations and the company of many ladies. But what about the pain point of knowing which club to visit and how much to s

ShiftHub Brings The Freemium Web Model To Old-Fashioned Time Cards

Back in high school when I worked at Arby's, I was very careful to punch in and out using an old, mechanical time clock. Now, however, I suspect I'd use something <a target="_blank" href="http://shift

Review: Cerevellum Hindsight 35 Rearview Biking Computer

We're very lucky that the creator of the Cerevellum is even alive. Evan Solida was a competitive cyclist until a major accident in 2007 left him unable to ride. After years of plastic surgery and phys

Noodlecrumbs Is A Crowd-Funding Platform For Thinkers, Not Doers

With successes like the <a href="">Pebble smart watch</a>, crowd-funding is becoming more and more att

The Junkman’s Dilemma: How The Internet Has Changed How We See History

Back in <a HREF="">in 1999, just as Ebay was coming into bloom</a>, William Gibson wrote a piece on his experiences buying expensive watches online. He

Chocomize Now Shipping To The UK, Potentially My Belly

We first wrote about <a HREF="">Chocomize</a> not realizing the importance of disruption in the bespoke chocolate space. After trying a sample of their produce today at the Ne

TC Live From The Richmond Mini-Meet Up

Here we go: it's the last night of our whirlwind Virginia tour and this time we're in Richmond, home of the Fan District, Altria (everyone's favorite tobacco company), and our friends at <a HREF="http

Valley to Detroit: Motor City Woos Laid-Off Yahoo Employees

Last week, Yahoo announced that it would <a href="">cut 2,000 jobs</a>. Given the employee shortage in S

Reminder: The TC DC Mini-Meetup Is Tonight

Just a reminder: today is the most important day of the year. It's TC DC Mini Meet-up Night! We're here in DC and we're looking forward to meeting with you all at <a href="

Need A New Name For Your Website? Why Not NameStation?

You've dropped out of college, met a dude who is totally into PHP, and you're ready to build a startup. Where do you begin? With a name, silly! That's where comes in. It's basically

WalkMe Walks You Through Websites

A Tel Aviv startup, <a HREF="">WalkMe</a>, aims to do for your website what your UX team should have already done: make it easier for your users to understand. The service create

“Will It End Very Badly?” Probably Not.

<em>Editor’s Note: Guest contributor and early TechCrunch writer <a href="">Steve Poland</a> (<a href="">@popo</a>) currently is exploring raising

Dynamic Eye's LCD Sunglasses Darken Only Where Needed

<img src="" />Someone call <a HREF="