Musk: SpaceX’s Starlink ‘has achieved breakeven cash flow’

SpaceX’s Starlink has “achieved breakeven cash flow,” CEO Elon Musk said Thursday, a milestone achievement for the rocket company’s four-year-old satellite internet business unit. He announced

Israel looks to roll out SpaceX Starlink internet amid war with Hamas

Israel is in discussions with SpaceX to roll out Starlink internet services, especially for communities near the conflict zone, an Israeli official said Tuesday. Starlink currently isn’t available i

Musk says he limited Ukraine’s Starlink to prevent attack on Russia

Elon Musk has confirmed that he in essence scuttled a Ukrainian military strike on Russia by refusing to allow Starlink to be used in the process. The billionaire claims the decision was made to avoid

Apple-backed Globalstar inks $64M launch contract with SpaceX

Globalstar, a satellite network operator backed by Apple, has purchased launches from SpaceX worth $64 million, according to regulatory filings. The launches, which are scheduled for 2025, will send a

SpaceX’s Swarm Technologies is halting new device sales

Swarm, the Internet-of-Things connectivity provider that was acquired by SpaceX, will no longer be selling new devices, according to an email sent to customers earlier this month. The news appears to

Starlink satellites are dodging objects in orbit thousands of times every month

Starlink satellites are making thousands of avoidance maneuvers as low Earth orbit becomes more crowded, feeding worries that a catastrophic impact is inevitable. SpaceX’s orbital communication

Musk planning Tesla and Starlink India debut after meeting with PM Modi

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk says the firm is looking to invest in India and bring the electric carmaker to the country “as soon as humanly possible.” Musk said he had a “very goo

More SpaceX Starlink terminals will go to Ukraine following new order from Pentagon

The Department of Defense said Thursday it is buying more Starlink terminals from SpaceX for use in Ukraine, as the conflict between that country and Russia wages well into its second year. The Pentag

Amazon reveals terminal designs for Project Kuiper satellite internet

Amazon’s Project Kuiper has been working on building a competitor to SpaceX’s Starlink low-Earth orbit-based satellite internet for years, but it’s on the verge of launching its firs

Starlink and T-Mobile’s sat-to-cell service will start testing this year

SpaceX and T-Mobile will begin testing a new service to bring satellite connectivity to cell phones this year, a SpaceX executive said. The news, first reported by CNBC, suggests that we may be close

SpaceX’s acquisition of Swarm is paying off with new Starlink thrusters

Earlier this week, SpaceX released more information about the new argon Hall thrusters that will power the Starlink V2 mini satellites, an innovation that likely has much to do with the company’s ac

SpaceX faces a $175,000 fine for not submitting info ahead of a recent launch

SpaceX is looking at a proposed fine of $175,000 from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after the launch company failed to submit the necessary info around a spacecraft’s trajectory

SpaceX will attempt a full static fire test of Starship’s Super Heavy booster tomorrow

Ukraine lines up 10,000 more Starlink terminals as funding issues are ‘resolved’

The knotty issue of how Ukraine’s now-critical Starlink satellite internet should be paid for has been at least temporarily resolved, according to the country’s minister for digital transf

SpaceX goes full defense contractor with national security-focused Starshield

SpaceX’s launch services have already become an invaluable resource for the U.S. government, but the company is now jumping into the deep end of the pool it had heretofore only splashed around i

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Starlink adds a 1TB monthly soft cap for residential users

SpaceX’s Starlink internet has included unlimited bandwidth since launch, and while the service will technically continue to provide that to customers, users who exceed 1TB of data use in a sing

Starlink signals could work as GPS alternative, whether SpaceX likes it or not

With some 3,000 satellites in orbit, the Starlink constellation is easily the largest in history and of course presents an immense opportunity for global connectivity. But its signals could also be an

Flights to offer drinks, snacks and now Starlink

Having barely expanded Starlink onto the seas and looking at the Ukraine war as a business opportunity, Elon Musk has expanded Starlink through a commercial- and private jet-focused sub-brand, Starlin

SpaceX no longer seeking Pentagon funding for Starlink in Ukraine, Musk says

SpaceX has withdrawn its request to the Pentagon that it fund the ongoing use of Starlink internet terminals in Ukraine, CEO Elon Musk said Monday. His statement (made on Twitter — where else?) come
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