Elon Musk promotes Texas ‘career day’ as SpaceX files paperwork for Starship flight as early as March

SpaceX’s next-generation spacecraft is already well into development, but CEO and founder Elon Musk clearly would like development to move at an even faster rate. Musk tweeted early Tuesday morn

Stargate Universe Finally Feels Like The Stargate Of Old

Well, I’m officially a Stargate Universe fan. I’m hooked and for good reason, too. The show’s damn good. I’ve wrote extensively about SGU here and started out as a skeptic like

Got A Spare $100k? Buy Your Own Stargate For The Backyard

<img src="" />Heads up Stargate fans, the prop auction starts on the 25th. They've got pretty much everything from uniforms to animatro

More Stargate props up on ebay for nerds like me

<img src="" />I love me some Stargate, but I still can't justify dropping cash on some props. I guess I don't love it that much. But if you

Stargate Universe's aliens are, well, alien

<img src="">Stargate shows have always featured aliens, but they weren't alien-ish for the most part. The story line of SG-1 and Atlan

Stargate Universe season 1.5 trailer I’m still in shock that the beings above are apparently going to let Smallville surpass SG-1’s record. Oh well. But here&

Case-mod: Stargate Pyramid HTPC

<img src="" />There's an interesting correlation between computer hobbyists and science fiction fans. That's never more obvious then

The latest Stargate Universe trailer clearly shows someone watched BSG

Oh man, Stargate Universe launches on October 2nd. I can’t wait even though the latest trailer shows that the show has clearly taken a more edgy stance, which in my mind at least, isn’t wh

Disclaimer: These are coasters not wormholes to other worlds

I have a confession: I love me some Stargate. It’s my guilty pleasure. Star Trek is okay, Star Wars will always be a classic, I never got into BSG, but I can tell you almost anything about the S

Explore Stargate Universe's Destiny with Photosynth

<img src="">Who's excited about Stargate Universe? Everyone! I knew I wasn't alone. Anyway, the story is suppose to take place aboa

CrunchDeals: Stargate SG-1 complete series for $132

<img src="" alt="SG-1" />Big savings on the complete Stargate SG-1 series if you're looking for something to do all summer

Gigantic Stargate SG-1 LEGO ship available on eBay

<img src="" /> <a href="">Star Wars</a> isn't

CrunchDeals: Complete Stargate SG-1 DVD collection for only $99

I will argue with anyone that, if watched from beginning to end, Stargate SG-1 is the most complete Sci-Fi series of all time. It’s my one vice in life. If you don’t believe me, spend 100