stargate universe

  • Stargate Universe Finally Feels Like The Stargate Of Old

    Well, I’m officially a Stargate Universe fan. I’m hooked and for good reason, too. The show’s damn good. I’ve wrote extensively about SGU here and started out as a skeptic like many of you. It’s totally different than either SG-1 or Atlantis that came before it. I think it took everyone off guard. Instead of being a continuation of the previous series, it’s… Read More

  • The latest Stargate Universe trailer clearly shows someone watched BSG

    Oh man, Stargate Universe launches on October 2nd. I can’t wait even though the latest trailer shows that the show has clearly taken a more edgy stance, which in my mind at least, isn’t what a Stargate show be. But that’s not new info. The creators have stated that SGU will be different for a while, but this trailer confirms it. The show is going to be darker, full of… Read More

  • Explore Stargate Universe's Destiny with Photosynth

    Who’s excited about Stargate Universe? Everyone! I knew I wasn’t alone. Anyway, the story is suppose to take place aboard an Ancient ship that’s locked in autopilot so you’ll probably end up seeing a lot of the ship. If you’ve got a few minutes to kill, head over to the just launched SG-U website for two Photosynths showing the Destiny’s gate room and a… Read More