Starfish Space

Starfish Space pulls Otter Pup servicing vehicle back from ‘the brink of death’

Against all odds, Starfish Space has managed to pull its first orbital mission back from the brink of catastrophe, with the startup saying Tuesday that it has regained control over the Otter Pup space

Launcher’s Orbiter glitches in orbit, forcing emergency deployment of space startups’ payloads

Launcher’s Orbiter spacecraft experienced an anomaly after reaching orbit that will likely result in the premature end of its customers’ missions, including Starfish Space’s Otter Pu

Starfish Space captures new funding ahead of orbital servicing demo mission

In the present moment, if a critical component on a satellite malfunctions or it runs out of fuel, satellite operators have no choice but to consider that asset caput. Starfish Space is one of a handf

Starfish Space raises $7M for in-orbit servicing space tug

Satellite servicing company Starfish Space has closed $7 million in funding to accelerate the development of a space tug vehicle that can extend the life of spacecraft and get rid of orbital debris. S

Benchmark Space Systems and Starfish Space team up to advance orbital docking and refueling

Humans may not have totally mastered getting objects to space, but we’ve done a pretty good job so far. The hundreds of satellites that orbit the Earth are proof enough that “send stuff to spa