Star Trek

  • Lots of gadgets to be featured in new Star Trek movie

    Guess what? Apparently there are going to be a bunch of gadgets in the new Star Trek movie. Not some gadgets, not a handful of gadgets, but “all the gadgets,” according to the movie’s producer, Brian Burk, who told MTV Movies the following: “We intentionally don’t talk too much about the story but there’s all the gadgets you could want. No replicators… Read More

  • Star Trek Online: for when Star Trek reruns are not showing

    If I had to start playing a space sim a few days ago, I’d probably go with the mature and ridiculously deep EVE Online, but the unforgiving learning curve is disturbing and I’d probably cry myself to sleep. I’m guessing that Star Trek Online is going to be a little more newbie-friendly. After all, they’re trying to pull a TV audience, not necessarily a gaming one. Read More

  • Third SpaceX attempt fails; Scotty just can’t get beamed up

    Last night the Falcon 1 two stage rocket by private company SpaceX failed 2 minutes after launch. The “picture perfect” stage 1 launch was followed by an anomaly that kept the two stages from separating. The rocket fell into the Pacific Ocean. Three satellites were on board, NASA had two: a small automated laboratory, and a solar sail experiment. The third was from Celestis, Inc. Read More

  • Star Trek MMORPG officially announced

    You guys into Star Track? Who doesn’t like Star Track? It’s a pretty popular show, right, Star Track? Star Track lovers will be happy to know that an online version of their favorite show (Star Track) has just been officially announced. For some reason, "Track" is spelled incorrectly as "Trek" but don’t let that dissuade you. Early gameplay footage will… Read More

  • Geek-out: Watchmen trailer and Star Trek cast photos

    Fanboys, start your whingeings! First, Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue has a few large shots of some of the primary characters from the upcoming Star Trek movie. They go together to form this composite image; looks pretty cool except for the tattoos on the Romulan Nero. Could they make them any more tribal and generic? Secondly, the trailer for our beloved Watchmen is live. Read More

  • Video: Star Trek: The Next Generation rap

    This is what I’m talking about. I’m into ST:TNG and what it did. It brought Star Trek back to the mainstream and paved the way for everything that came after it. It made it OK to be a sci-fi nerd, and raised the bar as far as acting, writing and directing of sci-fi on TV can be like. This rap might be NSFW if you work somewhere with no sense of humor and that hates bad rap music. Read More

  • Famous Austrian abductee credits Star Trek for outlook

    Natascha Kampusch was abducted at the age of 10. She was kept prisoner in a cramped basement for eight years. She escaped, and her story captivated Europe. Now Natascha is starting a career as a talk show host. She’s famous not just for her ordeal but also for her attitude and demeanor after the fact. What’s interesting is in a recent interview, the famously precocious Natascha… Read More

  • Real electric car spotted on set of Star Trek

    [photopress:TrekSet4.jpg,full,center] The Aptera, one of our favorite electric cars, is so futuristic it’s landed a spot as a prop in the new JJ Abrams version of Star Trek set to hit theaters next year. The very cool, very Mod car was seen in shots, like the one above, taken during the filming of “Corporate Headquarters“, the cover name for Trek.. Read More

  • Star Trek delayed to 2009

    [photopress:star_trek_chokes.jpg,full,center] I’m really looking forward to the new Star Trek movie. I love what JJ and his crew can do, and I was excited about a Trekkie Xmas. But it appears I’m going to have to wait, as the release has been pushed back to early 2009. That’s, like, a year away. The good news is last night I got my Apple TV’s “Take Two”… Read More

  • Cupertino meets deep space with Star Trek engraving

    Here are some Star Trek-inspired iPod and MacBook engravings for your perusal. The artist and/or company that did these engravings is unknown at this time but I’m sure he/she/they will be the hit of some sort of convention; Apple, Star Trek, or otherwise. Star Trek engraved Apple products [] via Read More

  • To Boldly Moan: Star Trek Orgasms (NSFW)

    This video clip needs very little introduction, as it’s pretty much exactly how it sounds. Might not be safe for work, so proceed at your own risk. Star Trek Orgasms [Double Viking] Read More

  • Star Trek gadgets IRL

    Top ten lists! What would we do without ye? SlipperyBrick (Motto: “The website that sounds like loose stool”) posted 10 cute items that were popularized by Star Trek and eventually came to fruition. They include the touchscreen, the computer disk, and, interestingly, Spock’s space coffin. I wanted so hard to put a virginity joke in here, but I didn’t. Trekkies have… Read More

  • Star Trek trailer in HD, just for you

    [photopress:kirkspockbath.jpg,full,center] That Star Trek trailer that’s been thrown around the Web all weekend in lo-rez camphone quality? The one you really want to see? Here you’ve got it in HD from Yahoo! Movies. (Sorry, no embeddable version as of yet.) Click to view the thing already! [Yahoo! Movies] Read More

  • JJ Abrams does some very good work with a very terminal geek

    [photopress:kirk.jpg,full,center] I know that some of you didn’t like Cloverfield. I haven’t seen it yet being as I’m stranded in Mexico, but I want to like it. I like JJ Abrams a lot and he seems to know exactly what he’s doing, a rarity in Hollywood directors lately. I also love LOST and many other things he’s done. And the fact that he’s directing the… Read More

  • Star Trek XI teaser

    Winona Ryder? At least Spock is back. Read More

  • Any golf-playing Trekkies out there? Here's your putter

    Now I’ve officially seen it all. The Golfsmith Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 costs $130 and there are only 1701 available, which is probably 1700 more than there are golfers who are big enough Star Trek fans to buy this and use it on the course. It actually looks like a decent putter thanks to the weight-balancing warp speed tube thingies. Maybe I’ll pick one up someday, if only… Read More

  • Dork Sells Star-Trek Themed Pad For Mucho Loot

    Face it. Loving Star Trek is about as dorky as a dork can get. But one Star Trek fan had the last laugh when he sold his one bedroom flat for more than five times the market value. Tony Alleyne sold his home that he transformed into the deck of the starship Voyager for a staggering $843,242 or £425,000. As you would imagine, transforming your bachelor pad into a flight deck is not an easy… Read More

  • Downloaded Star Trek Off iTMS? Claim Your $25

    Because I actually have a life playing with my Polly Pocket playsets (TOO fun!), I didn’t notice that Star Trek: The Original Series had gone up on the iTunes Music Store, been taken down, and then put back up. For anyone who bought the entire first series before it was taken down, Apple is hooking you up. You’ll be rewarded with a $25 iTunes gift card code and you can keep… Read More

  • Real Life Star Trek Tricorder Developed

    Star Trek fans (sorry, I’m not one of ’em) should thank Purdue University researchers for developing a real life tricorder, the famous little device that analyzed and identified unknown substances. The device identifies substances based on their mass with the use of something called an ion tap. After putting the object inside, the device lets an item’s ions out one by one… Read More

  • Star Trek Light Dimmer

    Tired of sleeping with women? Try the Star Trek Light Dimmer! This $40 device connects to your light switch and allows you to say “Computer, Disengage Lights” and it will comply by turning off the lights. I mean it’s sort of a computer, right? It’s binary? The dimmer even replies in the voice of Majel Roddenberry, Gene’s wife, to ensure that your lonely nights can… Read More