The company behind Standard Hotels is launching One Night, a same-day booking app to rival Hotel Tonight

Anyone interested in the intersection of travel and technology knows that Hotel Tonight basically revolutionize the same-day hotel booking industry. Launched in 2011, Hotel Tonight’s app let yo

500MB/s Transfer Speed, 2TB Storage: Sony, Nikon, SanDisk Propose New Memory Card Standard

<img src="" /> It's time for a new standard for memory cards - according to Sony, Nikon and chip maker SanDisk. The three companies

Japan and China cooperate in the development of next-generation cell phone services

<img src="" /> Two of the biggest country markets of the world, Japan and China, are on their way to develop a next-generation mobil

New show bores audience, saves environment

A few TV manufacturers and broadcasters have joined forces to develop 10 minutes of boredom as a standard way of measuring energy use. Apparently energy consumption varies based on the genre so the cl