Stamped Founder Robby Stein On Launching Version 2.0 And Roping Celebrity Investors

Stamped has been a busy little startup. The company just launched <a href="">version 2.0 of the app</a>, letting people take act

We Talk To Two Exciting New NYC Startups: Fancy Hands And Stamped [TCTV]

Last night, Time Inc. threw a pretty badass party in Manhattan to celebrate <a href="">"Ten NYC Startups To Watch."</a> Among the ten were <a href="ht

Stamped Updated For SXSW: Better Maps, Search & Austin-Area Recommendations

<a href="">Stamped</a>, the NYC-based startup founded by ex-Googlers, is rolling out an update to its social recommendations app today with a focus on improving local discovery.

Stamped: Forget 1 To 5 Stars, If You Like Something, Just Stamp It

I've always hated the notion of ratings based on five stars. It makes no sense. Sure, something that sucks is "1 star" and something awesome is "5 stars", but what determines a "2 star" rating? What a