Tile launches its anti-stalking safety feature in its mobile app

Lost-item tracker and AirTag competitor Tile is today introducing its first anti-stalking safety feature, called “Scan and Secure.” The technology was first announced in October with a pro

FTC bans spyware maker SpyFone, and orders it to notify hacked victims

The Federal Trade Commission has unanimously voted to ban the spyware maker SpyFone and its chief executive Scott Zuckerman from the surveillance industry, the first order of its kind, after the agenc

Instagram is killing its creepy stalking feature, the Following tab

Instagram is removing its Following tab, a feature that became better known as a stalking tool than one to aid with new account discovery, as the company had intended. Today, Instagram says that its E

Google announces map editor for G1

Google is releasing an application for the G1 that allows you to augment the Google Maps app with custom graphics and locations. You can edit directly from an Android phone, and then sync with the onl

Second Life! Fox News! Sex! Stalking! Terrorism!

British and Belgian police are closing in on a terrorist organization called Second Life where innocent women — and, potentially, men — could be stalked by people who are interested in sex