• Video: Porting Stalker To The Crysis Engine

    One of the better deals during Steam’s holiday sale was the Stalker series for something like $5—pretty much an insane deal. The games are the definition of the PC shooter (as opposed to console shooter like Killzone or Halo): freedom of movement, no silly scripted sequences, mods all day long, etc. Well now it looks like a group of modders, from Russia, have taken it upon… Read More

  • Cell stalker gets unlucky with MMS video, gets arrested

    Just because you’re unlucky doesn’t mean you’re inept with technology. Take, for example, this story. A woman goes to her local police station to complain that a creep was stalking her, calling and sending her phone videos of himself masturbating. This creep had bad luck, though, and actually sent her just such a video as she was in the police station making a statement. When… Read More

  • Reprobate uses Xbox Live, Google, text messaging to stalk Spokane teen

    If you drive across the country to rape a 15-year old girl and her sister whom you’ve met playing Xbox Live, it’s likely not a good idea to text message them and tell them you’re on your way. That’s what this cyber-savvy creep did in Spokane did over the weekend, driving from New York to Washington to stalk the girls. The details are pretty typical of such a case… Read More