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  • Rock Band accessories have gone too far

    Am I right? I’m okay with Rock Band and Guitar Hero as games, but this is too much. I’ve seen so many stories about how supposed “rock bands” are now making a living by touring and playing shows. It’s a f*cking game, people. Have some respect for the folks that really make music and take it seriously. You do not need smoke and lighting effects for your stupid… Read More

  • $100 Rock Band stage kit for Xbox 360 in August

    By the time you finish buying all these peripherals for Rock Band and Guitar Hero and spend hours upon hours memorizing all the right notes, you could have just started a band in real life. Remember those? Bands? Case in point, here’s a light machine for Rock Band — perfect for the nerdly friend of yours who can’t quite rock out but still wants to join the fun. It might… Read More