St. Louis

Lies, damn lies, and HQ2

There are few things certain in our world except for the uplifting tendencies of technology. I’ve spent the past few years trying to prove this to myself, at least, by interviewing hundreds of t

Ingredients for Amazon’s HQ2 all available in St. Louis

There’s a whisper-quiet rumor making the rounds that Amazon is looking to establish a second headquarters outside of its initial digs in Seattle. It’s even got a name -- HQ2 -- and, in reality,

Meet Me In St. Louis (And Brooklyn)

A young man named Matt Burns and I will be in St. Louis very soon and we want to see you. Yes, you. You, the person reading this right now. You are very special to us. So let’s meet in St. Louis

Let’s Meet Up In St. Louis For Corn Beef And Cabbage (And Startups)

A quick reminder for all and sundry that we will hold the first TC Pitch-Off on Tuesday, November 17th at the PBR Cowboy Bar on 601 Clark Avenue. #202. St. Louis, MO 63102. You can register here. We a

Meet Me In St. Louis For The First TC Meet Up And Pitch Off

I recently visited St. Louis for the first time and fell in love. It’s a vibrant city with a fascinating startup scene and, thanks to some amazing folks, we were able to grab some great video of

TC Makers: Goebel & Company Makes Furniture For An Old-Fashioned Future

The folks at Goebel Furniture make amazing wooden furniture the old fashioned way: the create design permutations in CAD/CAM, 3D print demo models, and then carve and shape every piece to the customer

Square Opens Up An Office In Jack Dorsey’s Old Stomping Grounds, St. Louis

Square announced the opening of its fourth office today, and the location holds a special place in the hearts of its founders. Both CEO Jack Dorsey and co-founder Jim McKelvey are from St. Louis. The

Arch Grants Raises $2.5M To Turn St. Louis Into A Startup Hub; Square Co-founder Signs On

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are integral to the engine of job creation. <a href="">According to the White House</a>, companies less t