SSL and NASA move closer to creating a service spacecraft for LEO satellites

Satellite provider Space Systems Loral (SSL) and NASA have completed a key step towards building a spacecraft that can service satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO), potentially extending their useful l

Tumblr finally makes SSL connections the default for new blogs

Once upon a time, in 2014, Tumblr announced that it was adding SSL, the standard protocol for establishing a secure connection on the web, as an option on all blogs. Two and a half years later, it's f

Let’s Encrypt free HTTPS certification push exits beta

An initiative to encourage more websites to encrypt connections by offering free digital certificates has today exited beta, six months on from its initial launch -- the idea behind Let's Encrypt bein

We’re All Doomed, Or, Towards A Border Gateway Super Posse

Everything is broken. Just ask any security engineer. Way back in 1998, the members of the hacker collective L0pht testified to Congress that they could take down the entire Internet in 30 minutes by

Mozilla, EFF And Others Band Together To Provide Free SSL Certificates

Ideally, every time you visit a website, that connection should happen over a secure HTTPS connection so nobody can snoop on your surfing habits when you are using a public network at a coffee shop or

CloudFlare Adds SSL To All Customers In Advance Of Google’s Focus On Security

Google dancers have been in a tizzy recently after the company announced that secure websites will be ranked higher in listings, a move that has made a million SEO salespeople instant experts in SSL (

Let’s Fix The Internet

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but: we, the people of the Internet, have collectively run up a colossal amount of technical debt. Much of our online infrastructure consists of band-aid and/or

The Internet Is Held Together With Bubble Gum And Baling Wire

Did you know that, to quote an <a target="_blank" href="">angry hacker</a>: <blockquote>The Internet from every angle ha

CloudFlare Partners With GlobalSign To Make Loading Secure Web Pages Up To 6 Times Faster

<a target="_blank" href="">CloudFlare</a>, the San Francisco-based service that makes websites faster and helps to keep them secure, just announced a very interesting new partners

This Is Not The Net You Thought You Knew

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Software *sorta* lets you cut through SSL encryption like nobody's business

<img src="" />Break out the siren.gif! One of those security research types demonstrated last week how he was able to get around SSL au

MD5 collision creates rogue Certificate Authority

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