• This Is Not The Net You Thought You Knew

    This Is Not The Net You Thought You Knew

    You know how the Internet works, right? Of course you do: you’re a TechCrunch reader, a power user. You know what that “HTTP” means in your address bar (if you’re not using Chrome.) You know that behind the scenes, the Domain Name System translates your requests for domain names like to numeric addresses like, and secure connections are… Read More

  • Software *sorta* lets you cut through SSL encryption like nobody's business

    Break out the siren.gif! One of those security research types demonstrated last week how he was able to get around SSL authentication, enabling him to collect private information—Gmail login/passwords, credit card numbers, and the like—with very little trouble at all. It’s not a flaw in SSL itself, but a flaw in the way people use the Web. Read More

  • MD5 collision creates rogue Certificate Authority

    At the 25th Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) today, researchers will reveal how they utilized a collision attack against the MD5 algorithm to create a rogue certificate authority. This is pretty big news, so read on. Read More